Fortnite Had 48% Drop In Revenue In January 2019

Data analytic firm SuperData is reporting today that the immensely successful free-to-play battle royale game Fortnite suffered a 48% drop in revenue during the month of January 2019, compared with the previous month, December 2018. This was across all the platforms that the title is available on. This drop comes after a lucrative December for Epic Games. The company teased earlier today that Season 8 of Fortnite will feature a pirate theme. Digital spending is down across all platforms by 6% year-on-year.

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  1. Not that I think Fortnite is a particularly bad game but….

    People had to get bored of it at SOME point, right? Doesn’t really lend itself to endless creativity, like Minecraft.

    1. Yeah I think this is just a sign that the game has run its course. I played and really enjoy the game but at some point, like all games, it loses its audience to something new.

      1. I feel the same.

        Epic Games has to come up with an original and mind-blowing addition to Fortnite if they want it to stick around.

        Because a 48% Drop In Revenue in January 2019 is already alarming.

        It’s only Apex Legends and Tetris 99 that’s out.

        I’m interested on how Fortnite will be able to cope if Spellbreak and PlanetSide Arena will also finally join the battle royale competition.

        1. Yeah maybe if they add modes like a capture the flag battle royal or some sort of tower defense adaptation. Just something vastly different from what it already does.

          I think we won’t see near as big of a drop right off the bat when Planetside Arena and Spellbreak come out but rather a more even drop between all the battle royal games currently out. I do predict within the next few months Fortnite will lose even more revenue and we will see less and less updates about the game. It’s looking like this would be a great opportunity for the developers to consider making a new game.

      2. I mean its like cod, even at its peak, no one is going to play it forever, something new will come and take its place. It’s a cycle

    1. People will get tired of Apex Legends as well, just look at Overwatch and how the popularity for that game has died down immensely since its peak. This happens to all trends, the same happened to the MMO trend that happened a while back. The companies that are screaming about BR games and games as a service being the future will soon fail, especially Activision which now has only one consistent IP that is now failing COD.
      I see the same failure happening to the whole streaming service craze as well, especially given how these triple A companies can’t even keep their servers in check, like the constant crashing in Anthem.

  2. This isn’t a bad game or anything, but I’m kind of glad it’s going. I’m getting tired of Fortnite commercials on Crunchyroll. XD

  3. I feel that epic need to make bigger moves. Like adding more game modes except for battle royale. I mean, creative was a great call and all with the creative possibilities but at some point, epic need to understand that their player base are looking for something groundbreaking. Also, save the world has been a massive letdown. Personally, I bought the game mode for half price but it’s been almost a year since they’ve said it will be coming out for free. They should have waited until people were moving to another game and then let out the mode but they have left it too late. Just wasted time in my opinion

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