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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will Be The Only Smash Bros Game At EVO 2019

The official lineup of games for EVO 2019 has been revealed. 9 games will be featured at the this year’s championship series. Unsurprisingly, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be making its first appearance at EVO since the game launched in December 2018. As for Super Smash Bros. Melee, the game is not on the official lineup. Melee’s first EVO appearance was in 2007, before paving the way for Brawl to shine on its own in 2008. It returned in 2013, making this the first time that Melee will not be featured at EVO since 2012.

16 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will Be The Only Smash Bros Game At EVO 2019”

      1. It’s ok if EVO won’t have Melee.

        No need to cry over a spilled milk.

        What’s important is that it’s still supported by the community.

        I’m also looking forward to more games coming to the spotlight.

    1. It’s okay for you not to like a game, but to wish for it to die is cruel. Plenty of people still enjoy it and it still gets a ton of views. It would be easier for the Melee community to move on if it ever got a proper sequel, but that never happened. Project M had a lot of potential to be that, if it wasn’t for the legal concerns. Smash Ultimate is pretty good (and way better than Brawl or Sm4sh), but it’s still incredibly different from Melee.

      I’ll still pick up every new smash game that comes out and play it for a while because I’m a fan, but I will always return to Melee because the level of freedom and precision it gives is simply unrivaled.

  1. Melee players are utter cancer.. I only look at melee for hungrybox and melee players hate him because he’s not a button masher!

  2. lol love the melee hate everyone apparently has. seriously, yall see the melee community as cancer so yall are cancer right back to it. melee isn’t exactly dead yet, we have a few major tournies and obviously we have grass roots, it is a huge blow to not be in evo, hopefully we will be back for ’20 or ’21, armada seems to think 21′.

    and i dont get why everyone thinks melee specifically is so cancerous.

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