UK Charts: New Super Mario Bros U Slips Out Of Top Ten, Still Two Nintendo Games In

The latest UK charts have now arrived and there have been a number of new releases this week which have slipped into the top ten. This week saw the arrival of The LEGO Movie 2: Videogame, rally game Dirt 2.0 and Trials Rising Gold Edition. Neither of these could manage to shift EA and Bioware’s Anthem from the number one spot. Here’s this week’s best-selling video games in the biggest gaming market in Europe:

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
32FIFA 19
23Far Cry: New Dawn
New Entry4The LEGO Movie 2: Videogame
45Red Dead Redemption 2
New Entry6Dirt 2.0
57Metro Exodus
88Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
109Super Smash Bros Ultimate
New Entry10Trials Rising: Gold Edition




    1. I love how combat works in Anthem and its graphics as well.

      I think it’s a game that deserves a chance to improve.

      Anyway, the only game that will never disappear in this list will always be FIFA 19.

      And I’m glad Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to fight for a spot in UK’s top 10.

      Looking forward to Devil May Cry 5 as no.1 next week.

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  1. It’s been a long time since the last big Switch release so it’s doing ok to still have a couple of games in the top 10. I’m actually pleased as it’s allowed me to get through loads of games I had on my watch list or hadn’t got around to playing yet. I had around 20 games on that list for ages but have managed to get it down to 5 in the last couple of months.

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