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Video: Nintendo Shares Breath Of The Wild Highlights Movie From The Legend Of Zelda Concert 2018

For those who didn’t get a chance to experience The Legend of Zelda: Concert 2018, Nintendo has uploaded an official highlights movie that consists of multiple snippets from last year’s production, which revolved around The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As you can see in the embedded video below, the musical performance was accompanied by a large screen that displayed various scenes from the critically-acclaimed adventure game, allowing fans to relive several memorable moments:

12 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Shares Breath Of The Wild Highlights Movie From The Legend Of Zelda Concert 2018”

    1. A shame they didn’t really use much music in BotW. I mean, if they want people to experience the game without much music, they should have just made a feature that either cuts down the amount of music used or turns the music off entirely. One of the problems I always have with Nintendo games is the lack of audio settings.

        1. Well it’s a stupid design choice because one of the major reasons I love Zelda is the music. So the option to turn music on & off would have been a much better decision than the one they forced on us. I just hope this doesn’t become a new tradition for Zelda games going forward.

    2. Same here. My favorite Zelda music’s are the ones of Twilight Princess. They capture so well each thing that is happening, like when Link carried Midna when she was gravely injured, Link’s duels with King Bulbing, Link’s friends being kidnapped and of course, the masterpiece Hyrule Field.

  1. I feel nothing but chills every time I listen to a music from Zelda games.

    I envy people who managed to attend the said concert.

    Thank God Nintendo is kind enough to share this one.

  2. That’s…That is marvelous..
    I wish I was there to witness this masterpiece.
    BOTW has awesome music, yes. It chills me everytime I hear it and it already brings nostalgic emotion and joy.

  3. For those that have never experienced the symphony in person, do yourself a favor and go the next time it’s near you. I went in 2016 and had the time of my life. My wife, who isn’t a video game fan at all, was even blown away and moved by it. Definitely worth the price! 😍

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