EA Is The Latest Firm Not To Hold A Press Conference At E3 2019, EA Play Will Still Happen

E3 2019 will be kicking off on June 7th and there’s bound to be plenty of nice surprises and various leaks as there is each year. However, this E3 will be slightly different as EA is the latest firm to announce that they will not be holding a press conference at this event this year. That means that three of the big companies won’t be holding a press conference at the event this year and EA will now be joining both Nintendo and Sony. EA will have its annual EA Play fanfest which will be held and streamed at the Hollywood Palladium from the 8th-9th of June. Still, it should hopefully be a good E3.



    1. i actually enjoyed Unravel 2, Titanfall 2, and A way Out. Im also looking forwards to Sea of Solitude coming out this year.

  1. Are they hiding from the Shame of Anthem (Which was supposed to be their big comeback after Mass Effect Andromeda)?

    Well I understand why they are pulling out. Sales and Marketing deals have to be made earlier in the year so E3 can’t really be called a trade show anymore… It’s just the biggest Games Showcase in the world.

    I’d like to see what these companies will do to attract attention during that E3 period and how Nintendo’s Direct will influence their new approach.

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