Video: Nintendo Minute Does A Mar10 Day Character Bracket For Mario’s Enemies

Nintendo Minute‘s latest episode has arrived, and it is just in time for a special occasion. Kit and Krysta said in the video description that “to celebrate Mar10 Day, we thought we’d do a fun character bracket for our favorite enemies from Mario games! There are so many fun enemies in the Mushroom Kingdom each with their own unique personalities and design so we’re ranking them with a score from 1 – 5 on which enemy would make the most annoying pet, who would be most feared (by Mario) and who has the coolest design”.

The pair also left all the details in the video description, so fans can do a bracket of their own. The characters are Chargin’ Chuck, Bullet Bill, Blooper, Chain Chomp, Hammer Bro, Magikoopa, Piranha Plant, and Boo. The rounds are “most annoying pet”, “most feared”, and “coolest design”. You can check out the new episode for yourself down below.




    1. lol.

      Genius Nintendo minute!

      Running a thorough analysis with these enemies and their nature—this isn’t only interesting but also kinda funny.

      Most annoying Pet: Piranha Plant

      Most Feared: Piranha Plant

      Coolest Design: Piranha Plant


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