Video Rumour: The Recent Leaked Sonic Movie Images Verified To Be Early Designs

There’s been growing concern this week regarding the Sonic the Hedgehog movie as two different sets of images appeared online this week. The images themselves are legitimate but they do not represent exactly how Sonic will look in the upcoming movie. They appear to be older designs, so fear not Sonic fans, we shall just have to wait until the first trailer or teaser is released by Paramount and SEGA until we can finally judge how Sonic will fully look in the forthcoming movie which is due out in November.


  1. They are NOT “Early Designs” it’s PR bullshit, the backlash was so big they have to change it.

    1. It would be too much work to change it. Though to be fair if this were a game instead of a movie they’d omit portions of the story while leaving what was left unchanged thus having confusing scenes.

    1. Rumor and Verified are one and the same.
      Sincerely, the Internet

      This is why we need Zamasu because at least he will get rid of all life unlike Thanos who does half of the job.

    1. Either way, it’s a win/win… Well hopefully as they could make an even worse design as a middle finger to people. It wouldn’t be the first time a movie studio was giving the fanbase the middle finger.


  2. The entitlement never ends. It’s just a style. It’s not like they gave him wings or made him more fanservicy.

    1. And besides, it doesn’t look that bad, sure it looks weird but its not worth crying over.

  3. So in other words, we won’t know what this “real” blue hedgehog look like until an actual trailer is released (weeks before the movie theater showtimes and ticket transactions can begin).

    Going live-action was one of the worst ideas yet. And with the delay of Team Sonic Racing and lack of other Sonic news (preferably the next game), this is all we can talk about (and dread). THIS is the Sonic news we’re dealing with in 2019.

    “What I’m doing is wrong, I know it’s wrong, but I’m gonna do it anyway”.

    SEGA and Paramount know this is going to be shit, but like not telling us anything. And for that, I’ll be keeping my money.

  4. Look at Detective Pikachu in a real-life element. It just works. If they go without Sonic’s gloves, might as well make him run bare foot. You gotta keep Sonic true to his roots man. Shitty games or not he’s an iconic video game character. Poor Sonic is being done dirty if these happen to be real.

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