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Venture Beat: Nintendo Received 346,400,000 TV Ad Impressions In February

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Venture Beat has released some new information on gaming industry advertising. This data is for the month of February 2019, which includes the Super Bowl advertising. Microsoft ran a commercial during the Super Bowl, so the company was able to obtain over half, 53.6%, of gaming industry television spending. Sony was third, with 5.4%.

As for Nintendo, Venture Beat says that Nintendo “is a distant second place with an estimated spend of $5,900,000 for 11 commercials that ran over 1,600 times, creating 346,400,000 million impressions. ‘My Way: $35 Nintendo Credit’ was the ad with the biggest budget (est. $1,500,000). Networks topping the list for spend included Discovery Channel, Adult Swim, and Comedy Central, while the NBA, South Park, and Ridiculousness were among the programming attracting big budgets”.


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