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The Australian Classification Board Has Rated A Multi-Platform Title Called “Castlevania Anniversary Collection”

Last year, there were rumors of a collection of Castlevania games that would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but those rumors quickly died out when E3 2018 occurred. Well, things are about to pick up again. The Australian Classification has rated a title that is called “Castlevania Anniversary Collection”, which is being developed and published by Konami. As for the platforms, all we know is that it is “multi-platform”. Konami hasn’t officially announced this yet, but that may very well change soon. We’ll let you know of any further developments.



    1. I’m with you.

      It would really be great for Castlevania Anniversary Collection to make it to the Switch.

      Knowing that it’s “multi-platform” makes it certain.

      There are so many Castlevania games.

      I’m not sure if Konami will cater to all.

      Which ones are included?

    2. all i can say is meh to the switch gaming has gotten a little boring of late nothing beats a good book or even going outside and socializing with people in the real world.

  1. This would be cool, but please keep it all physical and not one game on a cart and download the rest.
    This would be a nice collection to own.

  2. Have only played the DS games, still haven’t played Super Nintendo one. DS games were pretty sweet, hope this collection gives a game from each platform it was on.

  3. Don’t port super 4 or portrait of ruin or order of ecclesia to other consoles they stay on Nintys system

    1. … why, though ? I mean… I’d love to finally be able to play Symphony of the Night and I’d be glad if it weren’t a PS exclusive anymore. And if more people got to experience Dawn of Sorrow, Order of Ecclesia etc., hey, that’d be great ! We might even finally get new Castlevania games if those were well received by a larger public.
      In any case, why would you want to have less people playing great games ?

  4. Hope this happens! Never played a castlevania game before, seems like a good place to start though!

  5. If this could somehow have all the DS Castlevania games I’m sold,assuming it’s coming on Switch of course.

    If this is real,this could potentially be really amazing if it includes Symphony of the Night Saturn,Rebirth,the GBA and DS games,Chronicles,Harmony of Despair and other more niche Castlevania games,but if it happens it will most likely be the good old Castlevania 1,2,3,4,Bloodlines,Rondo of Blood,which is fine for those who never had the chance to play them

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