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Wii U Axiom Verge Physical Release Coming 29th March

Limited Run Games has finally announced a release date for the physical version of Axiom Verge for Nintendo’s previous home console, Wii U. The physical release has been a long time coming and hopefully collectors and fans of the franchise will pick up the limited edition package. The Wii U version of Axiom Verge will be released at 10am PT on 29th March via the Limited Run Games website.

24 thoughts on “Wii U Axiom Verge Physical Release Coming 29th March”

  1. Hey … has anyone else been noticing that malicious pop-ups and re-directs have been getting worse and worse on this site? 2 out of every 3 times I visit this site (and only mynintendonews specifically) I can’t view the articles without backing out, home paging away or force rebooting my browser to escape malicious “you are the 1,000th visitor” or “install our anti-malware” -Malware popups that are difficult to escape.

    MyNintendoNews. Do something about this.

    You are my favorite Nintendo specific news resource, but your site it compromised by data theives.

    (Specifically, I encounter this issue most often on my Samsung Phone and Tablets, but I think I’ve seen it on my laptop also)

      1. I view many other pages that use wordpress. Only Mynintedonews spawns these pop ups. I get them on my phone and on my tablet, both over wifi and mobile network. When I got my new phone I thought it was infected, so I wiped it to factory default. TWICE. As soon as I visit this site, and ONLY this site, I am bombarded.

        Same with my Tablet. Only here, and right away before I can view an article, if it happens.

        If wordpress is to blame, Mynintendonews need to sort this out with them, because it’s not okay.

    1. Hey,

      Please use the contact form for these issues.

      I will contact WordPress with all your concerns as they are in charge of advertising on this site.

      Sorry about this, I will contact them today about it!

      1. I apologize for being public about it like this, but it was necessary to get the feedback of other active users to determine if it was indeed a site wide issue, or something that has infected my devices/account specifically. Others mentioning the prize wheel, which I have also encountered, confirms it is not just me … in spite of several in the comments being quick to dismiss this as, even after others confirmed otherwise.

        It was, and still is my sole intent to bring to light a concern that affects both host and patrons alike. I hope a defense or resolution is not too difficult to come by. I would like to continue using MyNintendoNews as one of my most reliable sources for fast and Relevant information on my favorite world of Nintendo … preferably without fear of digital insecurity.

    2. Yeah I’ve been getting those pop-ups for a good minute now, it’s always that damn 1000th visitor or the Amazon gift card Spinwheel pop-up. To make it worse, once the popup shows up, this page closes, so I can’t even hit back. 😖

    3. Hey, in all the time I’ve been here, had no issues whatsoever. The problem is your account probably man.

  2. It’s a bit late for that, isn’t it? I mean, the Wii U hasn’t been relevant for 2 years now. This would be like if SEGA decided to put Sonic Heroes on the Dreamcast after they left the console business.

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