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Square Enix Reconfirms New Octopath Traveler Game In Development For Nintendo Switch

All is at peace in this stunning world, or is it?

Octopath Traveler producer Tomoya Asano has reconfirmed to the folks over at Japanese magazine Famitsu that they are working on a new Octopath Traveler game for the Nintendo Switch platform. The original Nintendo Switch JRPG was mostly well-received by the video game media, but it admittedly did have a couple of faults, so expectations for the next game in the series will be high and hopefully Square Enix can once again deliver.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!


  1. My main desired change would be making each chapter more special, and adding variety to the gameplay. The game started out very strong for me, but it quickly became monotonous, feeling like I was doing the same thing over and over. I loved the stories and the characters, though, which are probably what kept me going to finish the game.

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  2. Excellent news. I hope that in the sequel, they add a difficulty selection option just like in Bravely Default and Bravely Second. Some bosses of Octopath are annoying and have so many abilities that it’s difficult to deal a lot of damage.


  3. Gime serious revo soundtrack. I play every games in this serie but now own Only first game. First Bravely soundtrack is mine all time best game ost after uematsu ff9. Bravely second and octopath is good games, maibe better like first but without great soundtrack :( i sell second and octopath for poor music.

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    1. Doubtful. I think Union Cross has a better chance at being a Switch game remade for home consoles. Whenever the game concludes on iOS and Android, that is. Recoded and 358/2 Days will most likely stay as just HD remasters of the cutscenes for awhile.

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