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SEGA: Player Survey For Next Steps For Sonic, Valkyria Chronicles, Phantasy Star And More

SEGA is gathering feedback from gamers to determine the next steps for a number of the company’s popular franchises throughout the ages including the Sonic series, Yakuza, Valkyria Chronicles, Phantasy Star, and more. Here’s a snippet of some of the questions that are being asked by SEGA:

  • Which games do you want to see more new content for? (Sonic the Hedgehog, Yakuza, Super Monkey Ball, Bayonetta, Gunstar Heroes, Shinobi, Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star Online, Sakura Wars, Shining, Altered Beast, Virtua Fighter, Streets of Rage, Valkyria Chronicles, Puyo Puyo, Project Diva, Shenmue, Football Manager, Total War, Golden Axe, House of the Dead, Virtua Tennis, Crazy Taxi, Other)
  • What do you want to see from [chosen titles] in the future? (Downloadable Content, Merchandise, Remake / Remaster, Sequel / Next Installment, PlayStation 4 Port / Xbox One Port / Switch Port / PC Port)
  • What format (digital or physical) do you typically buy your games in?
  • How often do you purchase collector’s editions?
  • Which of the following sites do you rely on for gaming news?

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25 thoughts on “SEGA: Player Survey For Next Steps For Sonic, Valkyria Chronicles, Phantasy Star And More”

  1. Interesting, I don’t if they’ll listen but if any of the feedback does yield good results then that’d be great especially if it means resurrecting some of these older/forgotten franchises into the modern age. Personally, I’d like to see Jet Set Radio, and Phantasy Star Online get new western releases or remastered collections. And even though we’re finally getting a new Streets of Rage, it’d be nice to have a new collection of the first 3 digitally or physically.

    1. Streets of Rage 1 2 and 3 are included in the sega genesis collection on switch and PS4.
      Are you asking for a remastered port or something?

      1. Yeah sorry, I meant a remastered ports, I should have been a little more specific. Just something along the lines of enhanced sprites with a few extra modes like challenge modes, online leaderboards and/or remixed levels.

  2. .

    I just remembered all their great racing games thanks to this survey.

    I hope SEGA considers some successors of Super Hang-On, Crazy Taxi games, Daytona USA, Out Run, and Sega Rally.

    I’d even bite if it’s some port.

    And yeah, I hope Switch can also get Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.

    I loved that game to bits.

  3. Too bad the survey is for Americans only. Is there a European version or something? Don’t feel like lying about where I live.

      1. And you two thought this was important for people to see on a website for Nintendo News, why?
        We can talk about why I (and other people who identify as non-binary) am a lunatic anywhere you’d like, but this is the last place I expected to see this today. Thanks, wtf.

      2. @Timmey The reason why we have a comments section here is for people to share their opinions. Why shouldn’t they have the right to express their opinion on the fact that Sega has included “non-binary” option in the genders list? I gotta say it’s probably better this way though, since people at Sega can separate this “non-binary” crap from normal people in the results.

      3. @noneallnoneall6165 Idk. I’m not saying they aren’t allowed to do it, I just don’t see the point. If this were on social media, with friends or in a debate-type setting, whatever, I could see it. But all it’s going to do here is make people feel unwelcome in a moment where they are probably not even thinking about their gender, or what other people think of it. Especially the “My time is too precious to waste playing along with lunacy” comment seems so uncalled for to me.

        I guess I can’t fathom why someone would gent bent out of shape about the idea that non-binary people are playing SEGA or Nintendo games alongside them. I have my own political opinions and you can probably guess where they align, but unless somebody starts throwing N-words around or says some messed-up shit, I’m not going to question or attack anybody’s stuff first. I’d much prefer the gaming experience itself be seperate from all this stupid shit, and again, I just can’t fathom someone finding out someone on their Overwatch team is non-binary (after asking their gender first, e.g. some stupid “Are you a boy or a girl” question when the tone of their voice is ambiguous) and going “´This is really important for me to question and fight with the person about right now, more important than just winning and having a good time”, which is something I’ve seen happen. Probably not comparable to this situation, just reminds me of that.

        Anyway, as for your ludicrous comment at the end: Do you really think that’s what they’re going to do? Discard the entries from everyone who checked the “non-binary” box? Lmao, what the fuck. Pretty sure there are people at SEGA who legitimately want to be inclusive. And even from the corporate angle – More data is always better, they’re not just gonna throw it out because of some vendetta. Additionally, if you can be ahead of a trend as a company, then you’re going to have more information on how to cater to more people.
        For example, even if the majority of people still identify as male or female and your protagonists are still all a man or a woman, you can then think “5% of people are non-binary, maybe we should put a gender-ambiguous side character in our game”. Not saying I endorse that kind of half-assed representation, just saying it’s something they can do, and it works. Heck, some people latch onto Waluigi because his clothes are the colors of the non-binary pride flag. Humans are weird, but what I’m saying is companies aren’t going to turn down a group of people because of petty beliefs like that if they can capitalize off of being inclusive.

      4. @Timmey The reason why they want to share it here is simple: they hear this progressive shit all day and then, when they want a break and go to a survey of their favorite gaming company, they find that shit here as well. That creates some really unpleasant feeling, which is imo totally understandable and the desire to share those feelings with other gamers who may relate to this is imo understandable as well. As for the last sentence of my response, tbh it was more of a censorship test than anything else. Unfortunately, I have to agree with your last sentence. It’s true that capitalistic companies usually do anything to generate profit, including accepting whatever shit “progressives” come up with.

    1. @noneallnoneall6165 Ok, this is the point where I’m struggling to take you seriously.
      Take a break from what? Real people? Are you saying you’d rather not people who identify as non-binary exist in the gaming community? I’m sure you can’t be saying that. “Seeing that shit”? “That shit” being people identifying as non-binary in the gaming community?
      I understand that’s an unfair extrapolation to make from your arguments. I don’t actually think you think that, at least it would be ridiculous for me to claim that to be true. But I don’t think you could’ve made these arguments if you spent a single second actually thinking about the implications for real-life people, or just thought the argument itself through to its conclusion.
      And a non-binary person could say the same thing, right? They are trying to get away from all this discussion about gender and whether their identity is real and just play games – And here are people like you reminding them they aren’t welcome in some sense for an aspect of their life that is entirely irrelevant to the gaming experience itself. I didn’t want to see “that shit” today either – Some people basically calling me and people I care about lunatics (or call what we do “lunacy”, to be precise). And some shitty “joke” about how our answers should be discarded. If I could “not have to see that shit”, i.e. exclusion and name-calling, that would be f***ing great as well.
      Now, of course you should be legally allowed to say these things. The point I’m making is not an argument for censorship, I just want to point out how hypocritical the argument is.

      And you’re acting like SEGA is pushing some agenda down your throat violently here or something. They are literally just including a box for someone to check. Your box still exists, heck, they are not even really making a statement on whether they think non-binary genders are real.
      The question doesn’t even say “What gender are you”, it says “What gender do you most strongly identify with” or something like that. They aren’t even technically saying whether they trust in or agree with the person’s answer. It’s useful data for them to have, even you have to admit that a non-binary person is going to be different from the “norm”, so they probably would rather know if you do or not. Are you going so far as to suggest that people who identify as non-binary shouldn’t enter surveys? I’m sure you can’t be saying that.
      And SEGA have to make a choice, right? They are forced to make one “side” upset here. They either include the option or not. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to just give everyone the options they want to have? In a way, including non-binary genders is the LESS political thing to do.

      I really feel like I must be ascribing positions to you that you don’t actually hold, and I admit I am a little emotional now after your last comment. I’m sorry if that’s the case.
      It’s just very difficult for me to empathize with your “I saw a checkbox for non-binary people on a gaming survey” when a person on the opposite side would say “I saw people call my identity lunacy, make jokes about how any opinion I have should be discarded” etc. Do you not see that you’re inherently making a political value statement there? You don’t just get to call yourself “the norm” or “normal” and try to ignore people who fall outside of that, and then expect that to never be challenged by someone who is abnormal to you, or by a different opinion on what is normal.

      I need to stop now or I’ll explode. Maybe I shouldn’t have made this comment. I would love to not be talking about this as much as you probably would.
      I just want non-binary and trans folk and everyone else with some erased identity to know that it’s okay for them to play video games, and that they don’t deserve to have their identities questioned and called “lunacy” at every conceivable moment because some randos feel uncomfortable that there’s a checkbox for them in a survey. God.

      1. Since you’ve made quite a long comment and I feel it’s redundant to comment every single line of it, I’ll sum it up. Your main argument here is that you’re not limiting us and that you just want your identity to be acknowledged. Which is the main point of struggle here, because I refuse to accept that there’s anything other than a male and a female (excluding a very low percentage of people with chromozome or other DNA deviation, which is what mainstream calls intersex; however, such people should choose to be either a male or a female depending on what they feel like when they’re old enough to be suitable to say that – which should be around the end of pubescence). There’s simply no way how you can be born a male and be a woman. As a male, your brain is in some ways different than that of a female and therefore you can never be a true woman. Of course, there are people saying that male and female is the same, but just get out of your bubble for a moment and you’ll see that it’s not. I could give you more arguments on that matter, but I think you don’t care about that since you don’t even agree with the fact that your gender should match your sex in the first place. You may say that I’m saying that “cisgender” is a norm. And in fact, yes, I am. It always was a norm, since this is a way in which we were created by nature. And I don’t see any reason, why gender shouldn’t match your sex. If you are a more-feminine-than-usual male, for example, you can still be a male without any problem. Not a masculine male, of course, more of a soft male, but you still can (and you should, by the way, since our brain is programmed in a way to match our sex and so if we set our gender to the opposite sex, it creates a psychological tension that results in a depressions in a long run). The fact that you’re not matching the usual settings of your sex doesn’t mean you should identify as the other one or as some “third” one or what not. And that’s the main thing I’ve a problem here with, I don’t see any reason why one should identify as a non-binary.

        Due to the fact that I think there’s only a male and a female, including non-binary seems more political to me than not doing so (and it’s also not respecting what we’ve had here for decades, that is only 2 genders, so that’s another reason why it feels political to me).

        Please let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense to you, so that I can clarify it.

        I’d like to thank you for the calm, intelligent discussion here. Also, I’d like to suggest to move our discussion out of this website (should you want to continue, that is) to a more comfortable platform – let’s face it, WordPress comments aren’t the most user-friendly way of communication. We can share a Discord tags in private, if you’d like.

  4. Pleasantly surprised about the “non-binary” option
    Then I realized it was for US citizens only, which is a bummer, but hope this still has a positive effect.
    Although I would’ve loved to give some input beyond “SONIC ADVENTURE 3”, which is probably going to be most of the Sonic related answers.
    I think it’s more important that they take a little bit more time for these games, I believe they can make any style of Sonic game good if they just do that.

  5. cream the rabbit fan

    I wish I could have told them I want cream the rabbit to appear in the next sonic game with a speaking role.

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