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Nintendo Shares New Animal Crossing Tweet With Tom Nook

Countless Animal Crossing fans are itching to see the next core entry in the series, which is currently in development for Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, Nintendo has sent out an Animal Crossing-related tweet, but it isn’t exactly related to the highly-anticipated game. The tweet in question is attached to a picture of good ol’ Tom Nook, with the caption “Tom Nook is here to help you file your tax returns… and he already has an idea for what to do with your refund!” You can check it out in the embedded post below:


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    Are they trying to hype Animal Crossing direct with this adorable little AD?

    Half of me feels like it.

    The other half is cautiously optimistic because E3 is likely the perfect place to hear about Animal Crossing.

    Tax Day is to take place on 15th of April.

    That’s the same day we get to see the last of Reggie in NOA.

    1. For safe bet e3 but a direct is most likely on the horizon I mean if mario maker 2 is going to a june release it most likely needs some more info uncover on that so it won’t be a huge e3 focus during the presentations

  2. No way is the game coming out in the first half of this year. They confirmed Super Mario Maker 2 for June and Fire Emblem Three Houses for July 26th so if they had a release date for this game, they definitely would have told us it as well as shown off a load of it’s content.
    I predict it’ll be August of the earliest.

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