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Microsoft: No Xbox Live SDK On Switch “For Now”, But “Expect More Xbox Live-Enabled Games Like Cuphead To Come To Switch Over The Next Year”

The announcement of Cuphead on the Switch helped fuel the flames of what has been a month of rumors and speculation of a partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo. With this happening, Microsoft brought up the topic at their GDC briefing today. The bad news is that there are no plans for an Xbox Live SDK on the Switch “right now”. The good news is that more Xbox Live-enabled games, such as Cuphead, can be expected “over the next year”. Here’s a tweet relaying the news:

15 thoughts on “Microsoft: No Xbox Live SDK On Switch “For Now”, But “Expect More Xbox Live-Enabled Games Like Cuphead To Come To Switch Over The Next Year””

  1. This is Sonic Adventure 2 on Gamecube all over again,this feels so unreal.

    I wonder what Microsoft gets in exchange for this? Probably a lot of money,but there has to be more to it.

    PS. Is Banjo in Smash happening?personally I don’t care if he makes it or not,but that would be neat

    1. They’ve probably realized that they got too few exclusives to be a true competitor to Sony, and are about to pull a Sega.

  2. “No plans for Xbox Live SDK on Switch right now…. But expect more games like Cuphead with Live enabled…”

    So there are plans for the Xbox Live SDK…

    It’s like saying… No plans but we have plans… Very confusing

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  4. Nintendo Commander, not only has Microsoft and Xbox been vanquished ( pun intended for the Sega IP ), they are now a third party developer for Nintendo, like Sega. This is amazing news. This is a win for gamers.


    1. Well that’s just blatantly bullshit. Especially since Nintendo started it, releasing games on mobile of all things! Now we’ve got stuff like Phoenix Wright coming to consoles when it used to be a nintendo exclusive. I think Nintendo was vanquished first, and chose, instead of competing, to create their own sub-category of handheld hybrid games. And I think they are trying very hard to push the idea that you can have two consoles, an Xbox and a Switch, and that they can compliment one another instead of compete with one another.

      but apparently you didn’t get the memo that fanboys are dead.

  5. Super disappointed. I just wanna be able to get Xbox achievements from every game I play, regardless of console.

    1. Like I was just playing Final Fantasy IV on my iPhone, and realized I wasted 40 hours of my life, because if square takes the SDK and adds achievements to their final fantasy games, will I have to replay the game from scratch to get them???

      I wish to god all these hints and teases of things that will come years from now when we’re all likely dead would just hurry up and happen already and stop wasting our time. At least let us know if that’s something I should be concerned about. Is it coming? Is that how it will work, just patched into older games? I know it has achievements on Steam, so those could just port over or something. And imagine if games on switch gave Xbox achievements??? It would be freaking amazing. And they said it was coming, and now they’re pulling back being like “Nah, but scertain games we release will have it.” NO! I want achievements on switch! I want Achievements in Zelda, and Mario Rabbids.

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