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Pixel Art For Cadence Of Hyrule Handled By Artists Behind Sonic Mania

The pixel art for the recently revealed new Zelda title, developed by Brace Yourself Games which is titled Cadence Of Hyrule, is actually by the artists behind the acclaimed Sonic Mania. The news was revealed by Sonic Mania art director Tom Fry, who tweeted that artists Midio and Paul Veer were behind the game’s lovely art style. Cadence Of Hyrule is out on the Nintendo Switch eShop this spring. Pricing and a solid release date have yet to be announced.

Veer is the lead artist for Brace Yourself Games, the Canada-based studio developing the game. Both he and independent artist Midio produced artwork for Sonic Mania, and also had their hands in other official works, including the Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary art book and River City Ransom: Underground, respectively. More of their work can be found via their Tumblr pages, here and here

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