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Panic Button Working On Hob And Torchlight II for Nintendo Switch

Panic Button, who are well known for their expertise in developing games on the Nintendo Switch, have joined forces with Perfect World Entertainment Inc to bring two fan favourites to Nintendo’s latest platform. Those games are Hob and Torchlight 2. Today, gamers can pre-order Hob: The Definitive Edition for $19.99 and it launches on the 4th of April. If you pre-order before the game’s launch or purchase before the 17th of April you can save an additional 10%.

Panic Button has taken everything that fans loved about the original game and developed a version exclusively for Nintendo Switch, featuring improved controls and game features. The team is also working on an enhanced version of Torchlight II, which will launch on consoles this fall. Soon console players will be able to discover why this classic ARPG dungeon crawler became such a fan-favorite when Runic Games released it on PC in 2012. Additional details on Torchlight II will be revealed soon.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment Inc

4 thoughts on “Panic Button Working On Hob And Torchlight II for Nintendo Switch”

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    Despite its talked-about frame rate dropping issues on PS4, Hob managed to compensate with its stunning uniqueness.

    Plus, its design is really astonishing.

    I kinda remember ABZU and Journey from this game.

    And I just like the fact that Torchlight II is a fantastic dungeon-crawling ARPG that can be played offline without the need to log on and deal with lag.

    I have to thank Panic Button for making an effort to bring these two amazing games to the Switch.

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