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Konami Arcade Games Will Soon Come To Nintendo Switch

There’s already some amazing retro games on the Nintendo Switch and Konami will be joining the party with Konami Arcade series. These will come via Hamster. The first title will be the scrolling shoot ‘em up Time Pilot as part of the Arcade Archives series. The game made its debut back in 1982. You will be able to download it via the Nintendo Switch eShop on 11th April and the pricing for various regions is as follows: $7.99/€6.99/£6.29.


9 thoughts on “Konami Arcade Games Will Soon Come To Nintendo Switch”

  1. riskitforabiscuit2k19

    Pull your finger out of your arse konami,bring us pes,metalgear,silent hill,contra,the list goes on

  2. I use to play Time Pilot on my Coleco ad Arcade and its a nice and innovated shooter. Highly recommended.

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