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Masahiro Yamamoto Discussed Incorporating The Nintendo Switch’s Features Into Yoshi’s Crafted World

Director Masahiro Yamamoto was recently interviewed by Nintendo Dream, where he discussed Yoshi’s Crafted World. According to Yamamoto, they first started talking to Nintendo about a new Yoshi game on the Switch, which had not yet released at the time. Eventually, Yamamoto decided to incorporate the Switch’s features into Yoshi’s Crafted World. Yamamoto’s full remarks about the matter are down below.

“We first started talking to Nintendo before the release of the Switch. At that time Nintendo asked us if we wanted to make something new for the Yoshi series. I wasn’t involved in the previous Kirby and Yoshi games, so this was my first time working with Nintendo on a game. I first had to think about how we could make the traditional Yoshi something new for the Nintendo Switch hardware, also thinking about all the necessary play elements. Man, it was a while before we started talking about crafting… (all laugh) Because the concept of the Switch is that it’s fun alone but you can also take it out with you to enjoy with friends, I really wanted to incorporate this into the Yoshi game too. I was thinking about the potential uses of a home console you can take outside with you. For example, what about if when you brought two consoles together one player could complete the front course at the time as the other play completes the reverse side. Because all of these players gathered together would have a different view, they could exchange tactics and information to complete the course. That was the first thing I wanted to do.”

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  1. I bet there was a big discussion regarding whether or not the game would use the Switch’s feature of rendering games at 540p.

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