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North American Resident Evil Origins Collection Box-Art

A few of you will be looking forward to revisiting the classic Resident Evil titles on your Nintendo Switch system. North American Nintendo Switch owners will have the opportunity to purchase the Resident Evil Origins Collection physically as well as digitally. Resident Evil 0 will be on the cartridge, but the original Resident Evil will be included as a download code, which is a shame. Amazon has shared the box-art for the Resident Evil Origins Collection and their listing states that Resident Evil 1 will take up 14.4GB and it is all due to be released on 21st May for $59.99

  • Return to the series origins – Discover the truth behind the horrors in the Resident Evil mansion, as well as what led up to them, in these titles which mark the beginning of the Resident Evil timeline.
  • Relive the classic horror in either its original settings or modified to modern-day standards
  • Play as Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 0 – After completing the main campaign, players will be able to take control of the fan-favorite series antagonist, complete with his Uroboros powers from Resident Evil 5, to wreak havoc in the all new Wesker Mode
  • Play Anywhere: Play Resident Evil Origins Collection on the go using the Nintendo Switch system’s handheld or tabletop mode



  1. It looks ok, except for that note at the bottom. Wish it was all there. I’ll have to pass on this one.

  2. Digital games are worthless to me, especially on Nintendo consoles with how fast they shut down their servers for older systems.

    Hard pass.

    1. How fast? what? Wii’s online store has shutdown last year. Thts 12 years of it being up, thts nowhere near as “fast”.
      Unless ur talking about Online multiplayer then thts still 9 years.
      Besides with wht we hav and know for the future is tht future consoles will b able to play all games from past generations without issue. Say like if u get PS5, it can still play all PS4 games then when PS6 comes u can play all PS4 and 5 games, etc.
      Online is becoming more viable in the future but currently emus are ur only true source of gaining access to nearly all games of our history.

      1. It was only 6 years after the Wii’s end of life (2012, when the Wii U was released) that the servers were shut down and game couldn’t be re- downloaded. It was even less for the DSi.

        Arguing that everything from here on out will be forwards compatible is arguing without a basis. Nintendo and Sony sure hasn’t set a precedent yet and only some of the 360’s games transfer to the Xbox One. Also, the Switch isn’t running on an x86-64 architecture (what PCs run on) so there’s absolutely no guarantee that Nintendo won’t abandon what they’re using now for it later.

        Stop defending garbage practices.

  3. lol At least have the remake of the original Resident Evil as the physical game & 0 as the digital download. It feels weird having a prequel that came out many years after the original game being the physical one of the two.

  4. Those outdated looking characters always turned me off on these early Resident Evil games. And I played through about half of the first Resident Evil on Gamecube and didn’t care much for it. I hated those fixed camera angles.

  5. For the love of cheese pizza, why does Capcom keep destroying their physical Switch releases by making them half digital? This is why I bought the PS4 versions of The Mega Man Legacy (and X) Collections. Do they realize that a lot of people pass on buying when they read the words “download code”?

  6. I hope RE4 is physical.(full)
    I’m not overly bothered by these 2, but if they were all physical and not half and half malarkey then I would of purchased them to experience the games on the switch and add them to my collection, but the incentive of buying them is dwindled by this.

  7. All I want is RE0 and RE 4. In the future I’ll get RE1. But I like to see the story of RE0-RE4

    RE4 was just the best. I hope I can play with the joy cons.

  8. such an awful coverdesign. I really liked the minimalistic Cover of the european version of RE Remake on gamecube although it might look a bit cheap today. Zero looked better and the cover of RE 4 would and should still work perfectly fine today ( I’d reall hate it if they also prefer to use something as cheap looking as this here. A Cover with just a font is like a book. Especially in the case of a RE game, it feels like it doesn’t wanna spoil anything to come. These are just like their audience are 6yr olds who expect a fast paced actiongame.

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