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Video: Detective Pikachu ‘Audition’ Spot Showing Off Lots Of Adorable Pokemon

Ryan Reynolds, the actor who is providing the voice of the adorable and assertive Detective Pikachu in the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie, has uploaded a video showing the casting of a number of lovely Pokemon who will feature in the film which is due out 10th May.

In other Pokemon: Detective Pikachu news the Pokemon Company has announced a special Pokemon Trading Card Game promo card which will be available at your local cinema during the Pokemon: Detective Pikachu opening weekend. Take a look below!

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    1. I’m with you in this.

      I would love to see Jigglypuff sing again, put its listeners to sleep, and draw all over their faces.

      Pikachu throwing Magikarp down and it flopping on the ground had me laughing.

      I almost missed Torterra.

      I love how the concept artist made the Pokemons look in live-action.

      The detail on each Pokemon is really incredible.

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