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(Update) Capcom Teases Possible New Arcade Collection Reveal On 16th April

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Update: Nintendo Life is reporting that an “anonymous source” has informed them that the reveal will be for a plug-and-play two-player arcade stick which will include plenty of Capcom classics and is set to retail for around £200. It’s a full-sized device with a near identical UI to the ones found in classic arcades. Again, this is a rumour so nothing yet has been confirmed. We shall find out for sure tomorrow.

Today, Capcom has unleashed a teaser video for a possible new fighting game arcade collection. The company promises all will be revealed tomorrow at 9am PT and 5pm BST. Check out the 24 second clip titled Here Comes a New Challenger down below. We shall report if its Nintendo Switch bound tomorrow evening once the reveal takes place!

10 thoughts on “(Update) Capcom Teases Possible New Arcade Collection Reveal On 16th April”

    1. So, instead of getting some “ancient games” on the Switch, you want them to put the remake of a 21 year old game on the system?

      1. To be fair, re2 remake is like a new game, but I know what you mean.
        I’m all for these old school collections, but I just wish they were all bundled into a cart and made like a proper collector compilation.
        We’ll see.

    2. Newsflash, Capcom doesn’t own the Switch, they don’t need to win people over to do anything but buy their games, and collections sell well

  1. So, to summarize, you don’t own a Switch yet you want a game on Switch that cannot run on it, your taste in games is troubling and your grammar is poor.

  2. I want to see a fighting game collection, with Darkstalkers, Red Earth, and Capcom Fighting Evolution.

    X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes, and Marvel vs Capcom 1 & 2 would also be nice.

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