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Japan: Breath Of The Wild Now The Highest-Selling Zelda Game Ever

The latest Media Create sales thread on Reset Era has revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U is now the best-selling Zelda game ever in Japan. We have known for quite some time that it is the best-selling Zelda game ever in the west, but Link’s adventures haven’t been quite as popular in the land of the rising sun. Here’s the best-sellers in the Zelda series in Japan:

  • [FCM] The Legend of Zelda |Disc System| <ADV> (Nintendo) {1986.02.21} (¥2.600) – 1.690.000
  • [FCM] Zelda II: The Adventure of Link |Disc System| <ADV> (Nintendo) {1987.01.14} (¥2.600) – 1.610.000
  • [NSW] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild <ADV> (Nintendo) {2017.03.03} (¥6.980) – 1.560.000
  • [WIU] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild <ADV> (Nintendo) {2017.03.03} (¥6.980) – 120.000*
  • [N64] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time <ADV> (Nintendo) {1998.11.21} (¥6.800) – 1.460.000
  • [SFC] The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past _Retail/Nintendo Power_ <ADV> (Nintendo) {1991.11.21} (¥8.000) – 1.160.000


21 thoughts on “Japan: Breath Of The Wild Now The Highest-Selling Zelda Game Ever”

  1. Cool.
    Anyone who has a switch should have this game. I wish I could erase my memory of this game and play it again from fresh.

    1. Just erase your file and not pay for online service, or wait for Nintendo’s surprise THWOMP update that does just that.

      1. That was a really big reach to try for the cloud save insult. Obviously just deleting his data wouldn’t alter his memories, and you kind of undercut your point by establishing that he’d need to *DELETE HIT OWN DATA* to actually need the service.

    1. I was thinking that myself, but it’s def gona be irrelevant soon as botw is still selling. ( but it’s still not top YET! )

    2. From the source link, the numbers for the Wii U version were updated (Admin just forgot to add that to the article).
      039./000. [WIU] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo) {2017.03.03} (¥6.980) – 159.401 / NEW (44.602 )

      This would bring the total to 1,719,401

  2. Whenever I see BotW outclassing previous titles (despite being almost alien to them), even after two whole years, it just irks me.

    Just get rid of OP enemies and weapon durability! And bring back actual songs (OOT/TP/SS-style compositions).

    But keep the ability to challenge dungeons in any order (open world), so the 10/10 BotW fans will be happy.

    And if people have zero-qualms over BotW, what new additions can we possibly hope for in the sequel?

    A different overworld that looks too similar to the first? A few extra weapons? Open-world dungeons, the same size of BotW’s entire map? More characters with VA, while Link STILL doesn’t speak? More ambient soundtracks? More focus on DarkSouls gameplay? Even more Korok seeds than before? Real-time online co-op at an extra cost? Permadeath?

    1. Actually, once you get use to them, nearly every enemy in the game is a pushover from the toughest common enemies like Moblins to the two toughest enemies in the entire game: the Guardians & the Lynels. The only real threat in the game is the Lynels and, as I already said, are pushovers. ESPECIALLY once you figure out their patterns as the patterns don’t change AT ALL. The AI of the game’s enemies are actually rather stupid. I think you just gave up too quickly.

      1. Actually, “Before You Buy” gave me a heads up as to what kind of game this is, while the rest of the internet just praise it for being completely different and REALLY hard.

        Let’s just say I haven’t been encouraged to actually buy this game, let alone PLAY it (outside of a few harmless demo play sessions in a few kiosks that let you do that).

  3. Kinda baffles me how overrated BotW is. It’s a good game, but it’s neither the insane masterpiece people are trying to make it out to be, nor the best Zelda game ever made, not even by a long shot. In fact, to me personally it’s a pretty bad Zelda game, to be completely honest with you.
    Lackluster story, easy as hell, no real dungeons, terrible weapon durability system, the list goes on. Last time I checked, Zelda games had super engaging and interesting stories, were pretty tricky, had clever/challenging boss fights and amazingly creative dungeons. None of those points really applied to BotW, lol.
    The boss fights were a joke. The beasts making you OP was just another instance of Nintendo babying us and trying to hold us by the hand so our poor little baby minds won’t get plagued by frustration over the game actually being challenging.
    The story was nearly non-existant. Or at least you weren’t even really a “part” of the story, as in, it wasn’t evolving and unfolding as you played, with your actions progressing it. Instead, have fun collecting these pictures so you can watch flashbacks where you don’t even feel like you’re actually living the story as an important part of it, nope, everything’s already happened, lmao.
    And dungeons… the most vital part of Zelda games… just gone. But here, have these 5 minute mini dungeons instead, 90% of which you can figure out with just 1 brain cell. Or even better, let’s turn an unnecessarily big amount of these mini dungeons into mini “””boss””” fights instead where it’s the same “””boss””” each time with the same attack pattern over and over and over again. Have fun destroying your weapons while you’re at it, btw.
    That being said, the game obviously had a lot of strong points as well, the exploration, cooking, gear system, interesting characters, a lot of sidequests, just to name some. But its negative points simply make it quite impossible for me to rate it as the best Zelda title, let alone the best video game of all time, lmfao. It wasn’t even my game of the year, honestly.

    tl;dr: a good game, but a bad Zelda game.

      1. Yeah, well, Luna, you arent the voice of everyone else. Just because you think that it is a lackluster Legend of Zelda game, and holds no merits to be the best in the series, does not mean that it isnt great. Last I checked, you arent the god given word of Zelda opinion. I, for one, very much enjoy the game. I can agree the game wasnt perfect, but it was far better than even you give it credit for. And how can you argue against numbers? Obviously it is a good Zelda game if it has sold that well. You cannot base your entire subjective global view on the game on how well you personally liked it. Much like every game in existence, some will like it, and some wont. For instance, I absolutely hate Undertale and Fortnite, but I know a lot of people like it. I cannot say that those games are terrible and useless when I view the statistics and numbers. Obviously they are popular and must be good in some right. I think Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the best Zelda game, but that is because I grew up with it. I have a nostalgic bias towards it. Much like fans are towards Ocarina of Time and Smash Bros Melee. Both of those games are okay in their own right, but they arent ever perfect. Improvement is acceptable. You cannot argue that just because you personally didnt like it. Yes, Breath of the Wild was a different style, but that doesnt make it lose value simply because you dont like the change. You arent the voice of thousands, and neither am I. Let the numbers talk. We can passively like our own games, and let it be as such. However, I dont think it fair to say that a game is bad simply because it wasnt your style. It would not be the best selling Legend of Zelda game if it wasnt worthy of it.

        You say the game was easy, followed no rhythm of the previous Zelda games, and was terribly too simple. In retrospect, I say that when I first got into the game, the enemies were hard. Only with practice and experience did I eventually find them to be easy. And again, you cannot tell everyone that the game was bad simply because it was easy for you. Good for you, it was easy. Maybe it was hard for others. It really means nothing. And the whole loss of style or rhythm from the previous games is okay. Change makes the world evolve. You may be comfortable with the old styles of Zelda games, but change is fine, and leads to new concepts and interesting ideas. I personally enjoyed the free non-story based pace of the game. Ive been a fan of Legend of Zelda games since I was a child. Ive gone back and played nearly every single one in the series, so you cant use a lack of experience against me. The entire idea of personal opinion is that it only matters to you. You cant discredit a game because you dont like it. It isnt fair or just, and I see no reason for you to complain for the rest of us. Let us make our own decision on the game. We dont need yours. But thank you anyway, your opinion was considered and understood.

        1. Honestly, I hate when people use selling numbers as a scale for how good something is. If I’ve learned anything in this industry (or any industry for that matter,) it’s that sales don’t equal how good something is. Wii has over 100m sales and is the second best selling system of all time (PS2 is at over 158m) but it’s one of Nintendo’s worst systems. A good chunk of the Wii’s library is trash games or games that were the inferior version of a multi-plat game. Anyway, more often then not, when I see someone use sales to say something was good, it’s usually them using sales to tell people that have a negative opinion of the product that their opinion is wrong and they are stupid for having it. I’ve seen this argument used a lot against people that hate The Last Jedi & Captain Marvel and felt the movies were just terrible; if they aren’t being wrongfully labeled as a bigot first, that is.

      2. I might as well have stopped reading after your very first sentence, considering I never claimed to be the voice of everyone, but I’m in the mood for some entertainment, so I’ve decided to read on. Neither have I made any implication that I was the “god given word of Zelda opinion”, the comment above is very obviously my personal evaluation of the game based on the elements it features, I’m surprised you’re struggling so hard to see that – guess I must have hit a sore spot for criticizing your precious game.
        And how do I argue against numbers? Really?? Guess you must think CoD is one of the best video game franchises to ever exist, because ya know, the numbers. That’s honestly a terrible argument to prove anything, and not only in relation to video games, I’m sure you’ll realize that too if you take a minute to think about it.
        Also, please show me where I said BotW is a terrible and useless game, thanks in advance.
        And I didn’t say BotW was bad because I didn’t like it, I said it’s a bad Zelda game because it’s missing vital things that define a Zelda game. Never have I said that I’m against change, on the contrary, I brought up many positive points of the game that were completely new features never seen in a Zelda game before, so you’re absolutely missing the point and understanding things the way you want to understand them, rather than how they’re obviously being said. I’ll gladly take new additions, features and changes to the game, as long as they’re good, interesting and still keep the essence of a Zelda game alive.
        I grew up with Zelda games, ALTTP being the first one I’ve ever played, and I don’t think I need to tell you that ALTTP is vastly different from later entries in the series like TP or Windwaker, both of which are among my favourites in the franchise. I still love them. Why? Because they still have everything what defines a Zelda game and makes them so outstanding, despite being completely different from each other. So don’t give me that “change is good” shit, no one is complaining about the concept of change. I made it very clear in my comment that it’s about BotW missing many things that make a Zelda game good. I can, without hesitation, accept and admit that I don’t enjoy objectively well refined gameplay mechanics when it’s simply not the type of game that appeals to me, but some of these things aren’t a question of appealing or not appealing to someone. Can you deny that BotW lacks an engaging story? Big dungeons? Memorable boss fights? A steady level of difficulty? Let’s say the last point is entirely subjective, which I personally don’t agree with but I’ll go along with it here – are the other points really things that depend on someone’s opinion? Or are they simply reality?
        And again, no one is against change, no one said BotW is a bad game, no one said they’re voicing the opinion of everyone and no one expects perfection out of a game for it to be likeable. You’re making up things and act like it’s what I said when it’s clearly not.

        “And again, you cannot tell everyone that the game was bad simply because it was easy for you.”
        I didn’t say the game was bad simply because it was easy… You can’t just pick out one single thing out of all the negative points I’ve mentioned and treat them as the sole reason why I thought the game was subpar to Zelda standards. Very obviously, it’s not about the game lacking one single thing, it’s about the combination of all things together. That’s such a nonsensical statement, I’m honestly confused why you would say something like that.
        The game being easy is a negative point, yes. The game being easy isn’t what makes it bad, no. And no, it also isn’t what makes it a bad Zelda game, it is part of what makes it a bad Zelda game. Is that easier to understand?
        And then you go back into that “change is good” stuff again, I really don’t wanna repeat myself, but I’ll do it for you: I never said I don’t like change. This is about the game losing it’s essential features, things what make a Zelda game a Zelda game. Just including Zelda characters and calling it The Legend of Zelda isn’t what makes it a core Zelda game. It is a good game, I got my fair share of entertainment and fun out of it. But just because it was a good game it doesn’t necessarily mean it was a good Zelda game. If Nintendo made a new SSB game and entirely changed the formula of it, entirely removing a core element of the fighting mechanics, such as making it all HP based only instead of damage percentage based, to give a quick example, would it still be a good SSB game? I really don’t think so. And that’s exactly what I’m seeing with BotW.
        I’m not discrediting BotW simply because it doesn’t appeal to me personally, I brought up factual negative points of the game and then expressed my personal opinion about them and how they affect my personal experience with the game.
        And once again, I didn’t speak for anyone, I expressed my thoughts and that’s it. I didn’t command anyone to think the same way, neither have I spoken in the name of anyone but myself. We’re in the comments section of a video game based website, the entire reason for its existence is for people to express their thoughts. That’s what I did. To be so offended by it is your own choice. And I strongly disagree with your statement about “the entire idea of personal opinions being that it only matters to you”. If that was the case, the fundamental desire to voice and express their opinions wouldn’t be in the human nature. That sounds like an awfully narrowminded view on the world to me personally, but whatever floats your boat, I suppose. I’m completely fine with expressing my opinion and hearing other people’s reasonable take on it, no matter if they agree or not, just like I’m completely fine with listening to other people’s views and expressing my thoughts on them without getting completely worked up and upset over it.
        And lastly, thank you for considering and understanding my opinion, almighty master of comments and opinions. /s
        The hell? Hahaha. I’m not gonna ask you if my opinion and decision about the game is needed, neither do I need your approval for my comment. Seriously, what kinda way to end a comment is that? LMAO. Was funny though, so thanks for that.

    1. To be honest, you sound like you haven’t played a Zelda game. Zelda as super hard games with interesting and engaging stories? I love the franchise. I just wish we were talking about the same one.

      1. Never said super hard, my dude. I said challenging, which I stand by, there were many battles in previous Zelda games I did find to be tricky and challenging, especially compared to the jokes BotW had to offer.
        Same for the stories. First time I hear someone say Zelda games don’t have interesting stories and plots, so I could give that first statement right back at ya, haha. You can’t tell me you didn’t find the stories of previous Zelda games more engaging than BotW’s “story”, I’d find that extremely hard to believe. Probably doesn’t apply to the earliest games, I’ll give you that, but I feel like the emphasis on a good plot progressively increased with each mainline Zelda game. Until they dropped the ball with BotW again, that is. At least you are an important part of the plot and are actively progressing it in the other games. In BotW, if you don’t wanna go on the (very optional) paper chase for pictures for your little photo diary, you’re shit out of luck because you won’t be hearing much of a story at all. You, as the player, just are not a part of it, you’re basically just cleaning up the consequent mess that followed aaall of the cool things shit that already happened a long ass time ago.

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