SEGA Says Company Refocusing On Existing Franchises And A Multiplatform Approach

SEGA has announced its recent financials which the company explained have fallen “significantly below the initial plan due to deterioration of business environment and lack of hit titles.” The company went on to say that it is breaking down its PlayStation 4 exclusivity on future titles and will adopt a more multi-platform approach. SEGA has also stated that they plan to refocus on existing IPs and fan favourites, rather than producing and quite possibly failing with new IPs. However, the company should do quite well this Autumn with the SEGA Mega Drive Mini which is sounding like it is going to be a very special product for retro enthusiasts and gamers. That product launches on 19th September.

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  1. I wonder if this means the Yakuza games could be coming to more then just PS4, we’re already getting PC ports so I wouldn’t be surprised

    Personally hoping we get a return to form for Monkey Ball, I miss those little fellas

  2. Hmm, seems they are staying true to this – the best example I could see is the new Persona game coming to the switch considering it was a Playstation exlusive so far. Maybe there is hope for the original game for those that desire it.
    And if not Persona 6 will probably land on it.

    1. Great! Really wanna see some sequels! Possibly Daytona USA on the Switch, Scud race, and hotd 1-4!

  3. And like always Shinobi will just so happen NOT be one of those franchises getting any of that so-called “focus”, but I guarantee we’ll be plagued with more horrendous Sonic trash!

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