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Resident Evil 0 Now Available To Pre-Purchase On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to get their hands on Resident Evil 0, which is set to launch for the console on May 21. Until then, you can pre-purchase the game right now via the Nintendo eShop, allowing you be ready to play the moment it officially becomes available. In addition to offering the full experience, the upcoming title comes packed with all previously released costume DLC for Rebecca and Billy, as well as the alternate Wesker Mode.


  1. I only buy physical, but seeing how this so-called “collection” doesn’t have a Resident Evil 1 on a card at all I’ll pass on this just like I passed on Capcom’s other half assed RER collection for the switch.

  2. CAPCOM can you release a F&^&^King fix for the controls on ZERO i purchased this game on both steam and XB1 and the controls for ruining the game the button layout is not the same as REmake hence the game is UNPLAYABLE can you release a F&^&^king control fix PLEASE.

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