Japan: SEGA Trademarks Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball

It is sounding as though SEGA is potentially gearing up to release a new game in the Super Monkey Ball series. The company have registered a trademark for Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball in Japan. Gematsu points out that “Tabegoro” means “ripe,” “in season,” or “good to eat.” It has been a while since a new Super Monkey Ball game has been released, but there is always the possibility that it could be a mobile title. Hopefully SEGA will fill us in soon!

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  1. I wish AiAi and cream the rabbit were teaming up with Amy rose on team sonic racing instead of big the cat and omochao.

  2. Well i certainly hope they bring 1 and 2 out on the the switch because they are the best games we play when we have a computer nite. But it will b a good if they do a new one for the switch

  3. If this comes to the Switch, expect to have motion controls. But those motion controls will be a good fit for this game.
    Tell me that I’m wrong, I dare you!

  4. The last game was released in 2012 on Vita. While I’m sure sales suffered from being on Vita, the game itself was really good and the tilt functions actually worked well (Vita’s sales sucked but the hardware doesn’t). They did do a mobile game in 2014 but it was basically Plinko with a Monkey Ball coat of paint. I enjoyed the Vita game but the mobile game was bland, so I do hope this is a console title and not a mobile one. I’m sure it could come to Switch and PS4 but the Switch offers a touch screen, which could be utilized in some fun ways I’m sure. Can’t wait to find out more!

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