Nintendo Switch

Ms. Marvel & Hawkeye Confirmed For Switch Exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Game Informer recently returned from a trip to Nintendo of America headquarters where they were given the chance to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The company is featuring Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 as their front cover for June so more information will be shared soon. For now, Game Informer have revealed that both Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye will be playable and have shown off their in-game design.



  1. I hope that Nintendo characters are playable. Remember when Samus and Link were planned to appear in the Wii version of Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance? That would be amazing.


    1. That would be nice. I can’t believe that slipped my mind. Nintendo has been including their characters in lots of 3rd party games so hopefully they did with this one.


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