Nintendo President: Cloud Streaming Will Be Big In Future, But He Believes Dedicated Hardware Is Important

The Nintendo Financial Results FY3/2019 Q & Aย session has been published online, and as always, there were some interesting questions asked. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa talked about cloud based game streaming. Mr. Furukawa said that while it seems to be the future of delivering video games, Nintendo will continue delivering dedicated hardware as he believes “unique entertainment experiences that can only be achieved through the development of integrated hardware and software.” However, he says the company plans to keep up with the competition in that field.

Question: Amid a significantly changing external environment, including cloud gaming and 5G, what are your thoughts on the future of Nintendo’s core integrated hardware and software business?

Furukawa: I don’t think all games will move to the cloud right now, but the technology is steadily advancing. In the future, I expect that technologies such as the cloud and streaming will evolve further as a way to deliver games to consumers. We must keep up with such changes in the environment. On the other hand, I believe that our core value, the unique entertainment experiences that can only be achieved through the development of integrated hardware and software, will further increase in value. Delivering unique entertainment that only Nintendo can create will continue to be our top priority.



  1. Yes keep making systems for the forceable future.
    My phone does enough now as it is

  2. Makes you wonder; How will Nintendo approach this when streaming really does take over and people will no longer use disks and cartridges?
    I mean, eventually, cloud streaming will be so mainstream that we won’t even need consoles anymore due all standard PC’s being powerful and affordable enough to play all modern games. At that point; Won’t that be the equivalent of Nintendo going multi-platform and just support a platform alongside Microsoft and Sony? I mean sure you could argue that Nintendo will just keep releasing their own systems separate from the crowd but if public opinion deems it to be “a waste of money when everyone else is just developing for PC”, Nintendo may have no choice in the matter if they want to keep making money.

    1. Well when/if sony releases games for a mobile phone that would already make them releasing stuff on the same device.
      Nintendo would probably go cloud streaming a bit more if they can come up with their own unique controller/play style.

  3. I used to be wary of streaming but looking at the pc market over the past few years not anymore. I remember how everyone said consoles wouldn’t even be around today yet here we are, they said multiplayer would take over yet here are with everyone still asking for single player story driven games. the biggest revelation is even with all of the tech enhancements and game engines allowing devs to create the most realistic games ever gamers get more enjoyment out of retro style 2d sprite indie games than they do from so-called “triple A” releases.
    Finally we have younger gamers, who no nothing about classics from the 90’s and early 2000’s playing and enjoying collections like Capcom Beat ’em Up and other older releases from those times.
    Streaming may become bigger than traditional gaming methods but all gamers will always want to be able to play their games without having to constantly pay just to have access. buying and owning games will never die, just like how physical media will never die.

  4. When this does take over & if physical software does go the way of the dinosaur, I sure hope internet even in rural areas of the world will be affordable (not cheap as I consider these two separate terms as cheap just makes something sound, well, cheap), fast as hell, & with more choices of fast internet providers. By that, I mean most rural areas, at least in the US, have only 2 or 3 choices where only 1 of them has fast, reliable internet while the other two are either dial-up bullshit which is slow as fuck and isn’t reliable or satellite internet which is also not very reliable, can also be slow, & can fuck up during storms. Hell! Not even storms! Sometimes just a cloudy day with rain can fuck it up! But I guess it messing up during bad weather and storms goes in hand with the not very reliable part. And why, you ask? Because big guys like AT&T keep their real competition out of these rural areas by paying the state to keep them out of these rural areas. For instance, Cable One’s internet, which rivals AT&T’s, stops just a couple of feet away from my home so they can’t come here. While the city, or town rather as this place isn’t big enough to be a city, is just a mile, maybe two, away, my little spot is still part of the rural county area so Cable One, as Gandalf puts it, SHALL NOT PASS!!
    Of course, I don’t think streaming & such will even take over TIL that happens which requires our governments to stop letting fast internet providers have a monopoly in rural areas. I’m sure the US isn’t the only government letting internet providers be douchebags to rural customers.

  5. In other words, software sells hardware… well thatโ€™s Nintendo, nothing new about it.

  6. Cloud gaming certainly isn’t my future! I rather become a PC gamer again and spend $1000 on dedicated hardware than to start streaming from a cloud!

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