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Video: Fire Emblem Heroes – Darkness Within Heroes Mareeta, Berkut, Corrin, And Tiki

Nintendo’s popular smartphone game Fire Emblem Heroes will be getting four new heroes. The news was recently announced by Nintendo along with an accompanying video. These heroes will be available as part of the A Home Unknown story chapter which is coming on 10th May at 12am PT / 8am BST. The new heroes are:

  • Mareeta (voiced by Kayli Mills, illustrated by Kiyu)
  • Berkut (voiced by Ian Sinclair, illustrated by Asatani Tomoyo)
  • Corrin (voiced by Marcella Lentz-Pope, illustrated by Sencha)
  • Tiki (voiced by Mela Lee, illustrated by Lack)



  1. Berkut is clearly the standout this time around. His attack animation is unique as hell. All of these dark variations are cannon except… Corrin? Did Corrin ever get some sort of dark possession?

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