Nintendo Switch

Japan: Nintendo Switch Sales Have Now Overtaken PlayStation 4

The latest charts from Famitsu show that the Nintendo Switch system has now overtaken Sony’s PlayStation 4 console in Japan. The Nintendo Switch has been on the market for 114 weeks and the PlayStation 4 has been around for 274 weeks, so it is a rather impressive feat. Both systems are attempting to divert Japanese gamers away from smartphone games, which are ridiculously popular there.

  • PS4: 8,077,756 (272 weeks)
  • Switch: 8,125,637 (114 weeks)



  1. Of course it was going to. Even if the PS4 wasn’t on it’s way out, the Switch is a portable system. Japan is always on the move so it’s only natural they’d sell a home console that can also double as a “handheld.” Nintendo knew what they were doing when they made the Switch a hybrid.


      1. Because Sony tried to take on Nintendo in the handheld market; and Sony half-assing support for the system and eventually stopped supporting all together.

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      2. Didn’t Vita also have specially designed memory cards that cost way too much? Or was that only the original PSP?


    1. Capcom doesn’t really know what the gamers want *cough MegaManLegends3 cough*. They just want to release Street Fighter and Resident Evil remakes. Monster Hunter is probably not going to be coming back for a while and I doubt they are doing anything with Mega Man. With the exception of a few re-releases, and the Resident Evil remakes, I’m not even sure what they are doing.

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  2. This was yesterday’s news tho. I hope Mynintendonews can expand and get all the news faster. It’s troublesome to have to jump from site to site looking for all my Nintendo goodness.

    Cheers for the good work so far tho


      1. Yes because there was also 3DS as a competitor handheld at the time which sold also millions now there is no competitor.Its important cause it affects the market and the sales.I used to live in Japan at the time and i used to see more ppl with 3DS. Maybe something is wrong with your logic.


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