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Rumour: Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Sequel Apparently In Development

Comic Book is reporting that it has heard from a number of sources who have stated to them that a sequel to Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is in development. The site’s sources also report that once development has commenced on the sequel then another movie will be made which will take place in the Pokemon universe. Here’s what the site says:

Legendary did not respond to’s request for comment. Multiple sources involved with the production informed that the studio is moving forward with the Pokémon:Detective Pikachu sequel before ultimately expanding into a more diverse world of Pokémon movies.



  1. How can this movie possibly get a sequel, especially after the ending.

    Not to mention that the 3DS game itself didn’t get too many good reviews.


    1. review might not be too good but its making a lot of money honestly the movie was ok it wasnt amazing and it wasnt terrible twitter and youtube have been giving it an ok score but “critics” been giving it bad reviews


      1. If it had Brie Larson as the lead, these same critics would most likely be kissing this movie’s ass instead.


  2. What I want to know is how a sequel is possible considering how this ends, but hey, at least it would give them another chance to put in every Pokemon playable in Smash which I thought for sure would happen (Pichu, Lucario and Incineroar are noticeably absent).


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