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Dead Cells Rise Of The Giant DLC Update Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Week

Owners of the apparently excellent Dead Cells will be getting a huge free DLC content update titled, Rise of the Giant. It is coming to the Nintendo Switch next week, Thursday 23rd May to be exact. Here’s a brief summary from Eurogamer. Visit the site for the full lowdown.

Rise of the Giant, for those that haven’t been staying abreast of Dead Cells developments, is a bit of a whopper, expanding on the dungeon-crawling rogue-like’s unflappably excellent core in a multitude of ways. Fire up the game after the free update and you’ll be treated to two new areas and bosses, ten new enemies, three new skills (including a flying pet), ten new weapons (such as the Giant Killer and Boï Axe), and a new Skinning system.




  1. If you haven’t got this game yet, which you SHOULD of, nows an even more reason to buy it.
    It’s brutal, like getting to the very end and dying and having to start over, but it’s just brilliant.

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