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Kill La Kill: If Switch Is 720p Handheld, 1080p Docked, 30fps

Developer Arc System Works has detailed how their forthcoming title Kill La Kill: If will display and run on each platform. The Nintendo Switch version is 720p when played in handheld mode. If you decide to play the game docked to the TV then it displays at 1080p. The bad news is the fighting game will run at 30fps as opposed to the preferred 60fps on other platforms. Kill la Kill: If is due to go on sale on 25th July in Japan, and 26th July in North America and Europe.



    1. Really? Cause for me, Dub anime or games kinda suck!
      The dub butcher the original dialogue and emotion that the original work intended.
      All for the sake of lip sync? I really don’t care about that.

  1. Would’ve been good if they gave the option to switch between 720 60fps or 1080 30fps.

    1. They probably would if they could, hell if they were able to do a locked 60fps on switch at 720p they’d probably do that and not give you an option, but the bottleneck is probably CPU not GPU so reducing the resolution won’t do anything for frame rate

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