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Team Sonic Racing Is Available Now On Nintendo Switch

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has tweeted that the rather fun Team Sonic Racing is now available on your preferred platform. The Nintendo Switch version looks pretty good, but it runs at 30fps. If that doesn’t matter to you then be sure to head on over to the Nintendo Switch eShop and download it and enjoy both single player and multiplayer goodness.


  1. Why do people care so much about FPS? I’ll never understand. The game is still gorgeous.

    1. What Kantenstain said. ESPECIALLY for fast paced games like racing games, fighting games, & party games. The better the FPS, not only the easier it is to see all of the action but the faster the game is, too. Bad FPS can sometimes cause horrible lag that screws people up.

  2. Big the cat and omochao are my least favorite playable characters. I won’t play as them unless I want to lose. I want cream the rabbit and at least one Babylon rogue to be playable as dlc. Ulala, aiai, and Nights would be nice too.

  3. I like pink gold peach and baby Rosalina on Mario kart 8. I wish the Babylon rogues, cream the rabbit, and chaos zero could join the fun on team sonic racing.

  4. I got the game on switch and the gorgeous intro video is nowhere to be found. Anyone else have this problem?

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