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Realm Royale Out Now On Nintendo Switch eShop

The fantasy based Battle Royale title Realm Royale is now available to download on the Nintendo Switch eShop. You will need to purchase the Founders Pack which retails for £11.99 on the Nintendo UK eShop. This gives you access to the closed beta along with cosmetic items etc.

Can you claim the Crown Royale in this hit fantasy Battle Royale? Choose a class, then loot deadly weapons and powerful abilities to dominate the battlefield. Forge game-changing legendary gear to conquer your enemies and ride into battle mounted on your trusty steed!

The Realm Royale Founder’s Pack grants you instant access to the closed beta of Realm Royale on Nintendo Switch, as well as a bundle of exclusive Nintendo Switch content. Get an exclusive mount, chicken skin, and spray, plus an emote and avatar to show off your Founder status!


  1. Oh gosh… I’ve seen sort of Fortnite ripoffs and pretty absurd Fortnite ripoffs, but this is just shameless. They’re not even trying.

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