Sonic Movie Delayed To 14th February 2020

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has now officially been delayed until February 2020. The news was bound to come after the reaction online to the Sonic character model they chose for the live action movie which was scheduled for this year. You will be able to watch the film 14th February next year.


  1. This is fantastic news. I’m not getting my expectations up, but I’m definitely looking forward to how this’ll turn out in the end.

    Also, I want to make mention of Jeff’s hashtags. They’re are always gold.

  2. Their promise to fix Sonic’s design has more weight now that they’ve delayed the movie’s release. Seriously, take note, Disney, CBS, Sony, HBO, & the others giving fans middle fingers.

    Speaking of CBS, it’s hard to believe they & Viacom are both owned by the same parent company & that they both use to be one company under National Amusements since one is being an asshole to fans in regards to Star Trek while the other is actually changing Sonic’s design after fans gave them an earful for that horrid design for the film. They should merge back in to one company… then kick the assholes at CBS to the curb!

  3. I’ll go see the movie just to support the film. If they listened and at least tried to fix the movie, then I’ll return them the favor

  4. “A delayed movie is eventually good, but a rushed movie is forever bad” – Shigeru Miyamoto (except obviously altered)

    Except this one is still going to be shit.

  5. people are just being autistic and not accepting the fact this movie was NOT made by them and should be grateful it’s even being made at all.

    1. Yes! We should get on our hands & knees & thank them for this blessing! How dare we question our corporate gods! Next we should wipe their ass and be damn grateful for the opportunity! *rolls eyes*

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