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Gala Dragalia Is Now Live In Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost players can now take advantage of Gala Dragalia, which is currently running through May 30 at 10:59 p.m. PT. During this period, the initial appearance rate for 5★ adventurers and dragons are boosted to 6% from the standard 4%. If you get a 5★ summon or 5★ featured summon, the appearance rate will return to the initial 6%. In addition, limited-time Gala Dragalia versions of adventurers are being added. Gala Dragalia appearance rates are as follows:

5★ total: 6.00%
5★ featured total: 0.50% (Adventurers: 0.50%)
5★ standard total: 5.50% (Adventurers: 2.50%, Dragons: 3.00%)
4★ standard total: 16.00% (Adventurers: 8.55%, Dragons: 7.45%)
3★ standard total: 78.00% (Adventurers: 47.00%, Dragons: 31.00%)



  1. They made me waste all my wyrmite on trying to get Ieyasu and Marishiten (got Ieyasu at least!) They knew EXACTLY what they were doing giving away so many wyrmite and 10 fold summon vouchers during an Eastern Emissaries gacha. No if we want Mym we have to buy diamantium. Lol I’ll just save up for next time 😋

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