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Nintendo: “Version 3.1.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Coming This Week”

Nintendo has officially announced that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be updated to version 3.1.0 sometime this week. The update’s contents are largely a mystery, but Nintendo wasn’t completely silent about the matter. According to the official Nintendo Versus account, the update will include “fighter adjustments”. If you want to see the official tweet for yourself, it’s down below.


      1. Not necessarily, I bought games for the Wii at launch that I haven’t opened and then forgot about for one Year, and I still love playing video games

      2. Is it not possible he’s alluding more to the abundance of great games on other consoles, instead of spitting all over the switch. At least that’s how I read it. And it’s true. I have like 30 games on my switch. And I almost never play it, because I’m primarily an Xbox gamer. I’d love to play it more, but there’s always other games.

        I did just finally beat the stupid ass campaign for SMash Bros on the bus last week. I was pumped about that, that campaign was trash.

    1. Why do you feel the need to keep saying this? It is hard to believe though you’re right.

    2. You know capitalism is alive and well when someone states how relieved they are for buying a dust cover for a console they bought and don’t play and for games they buy and don’t open.

    3. Hmm “adjustments” someones getting nerfed this week boys probably pirahna plants side B and they might give joker the down air he deservs

    1. +RetroCheats
      Definitely not, Little Mac, Bowser Jr, and Ridley really do need improvements.

  1. For a second there, I thought they where gonna announce Cloud has an English voice. But we all know that’s asking for too much.

    1. i doubt that the weebs would flip over that and breathe like darth vader having an asthma attack

  2. I’m sure nobody cares but my casual playing garbage self made it into Elite Smash!

    1. Hey Congratulations! Actually, i felt that the elite category have been getting harder. Been there since the second hour of the game’s launch. And it’s incredible, how much of a difference makes a couple of thousand GSP does.

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