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Super Mario Maker 2 Limits Online Multiplayer To Random Players Only

It’s been revealed today that those of you who wish to play online with your friends in Super Mario Maker 2 will need to play on one system locally or through the game’s local wireless play. Playing Super Mario Maker 2 online only allows for random match making. A Nintendo representative explained to NWR the reason behind this decision:

Nintendo’s reasoning is that, with global leaderboards, the matchmaking for competitive play would be compromised if you could play with friends. That limitation also extends to co-op play as well despite those not being leaderboard driven.



  1. Just make two separate leaderboards than??? Hopefully they add friends online multiplayer in an update this kinda sucks.

  2. You could, I don’t know, add in a friend lobby feature where it doesn’t rank you up or anything?
    Not letting friends do co-op online together really sucks. That was one of the things I was most excited about… hopefully it’s added in an update. Nintendo was soooo close to having a perfect lineup of online modes… they always forget something :/ very disappointing.

  3. That’s… pretty bad. Good thing I don’t have any friends to get in the way anyway! :D

  4. Nintendo: Smash Bros Ultimate isn’t competitive. It’s a party game. We’ll let you play your custom stages with friends online though.
    Also Nintendo: Buuut Super Mario Maker 2, now THAT’S a competitive game right there. You want to play with your friends online? No way. The leaderboards would be full of DGR and Simpleflips teaming up. What do you mean you thought this game was just for fun?

  5. Hey Nintendo, could you stop being so Nintendo-ish for a second and stop hobbling your online with ridiculous limitations? That’d be really nice.

  6. I think this is a poor decision by Nintendo. Their excuse doesn’t make sense or have any weight. There are obvious ways around it, like making a separate leaderboard. I was and still am excited for this game, but I thought being able to play with friends online would be a given. It was a feature I was really looking forward too. I don’t and can’t understand why something so simple and wanted by many people can’t make it into the game, despite them charging us for a good online service.

  7. That is most unfortunate. Adding friend rooms to my wish list of additions, under Team Damage on for quickplay co-op in Smash Ultimate and DLC maps for Super Mario Party.

  8. Makes no difference to me, since I haven’t had any friend in like 25 years, and only one person in my family (besides me) has a Switch. And I highly doubt she’d get this game. Yeah, stuff like this never bothers me. Even back when Nintendo had free online play, I rarely took advantage of it. The most I ever played online was probably Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I found it so odd seeing other villagers talking to me. If I recall correctly, I think someone once asked me how old I was, and they ran away when I told them. LOL!

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