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Nintendo America Source Code Suggests Cadence Of Hyrule Could Come This Week

Investigative Twitter user NWPlayer123 has been browsing through the source code of the Nintendo of America site and has discovered that the Zelda-mashup Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer could be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop this week! It is not official confirmation, as things could change, but a surprise release would certainly be a pleasant surprise for Nintendo Switch owners.



  1. Zelda’s design in this game is honestly so cool. It’s like her Link Between Worlds style but more versatile and intimidating!


  2. How is the gameplay on this series? 3d Zeldas are literally my favorite game franchise and overall favorite thing in the world. But I really dont like the 2d ones. Tried ALTTP and didnt liked it. Same with MC and ALBW.


    1. It’s a rhythm game, not your traditional Zelda.
      You pretty much just tap your direction you want to go along the beat, you ocasionally tap in the direction of a monster to hit it (once you’re in range, that is) and you kill it – I only played a bit of NecroDancer but it’s a pretty fun game, it’s pretty hard to the endgame and different modes


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