The 3DS Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 11.10.0-43

Nintendo has no plans to release new games for the 3DS, but the same can’t be said for updates. In fact, a brand new update for the 3DS firmware has just been released, bringing it to version 11.10.0-43. As for the update’s contents, all Nintendo says in the patch notes is that there have been “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”.



  1. Dude what the heck? Nintendo needs to stop pretending that they didn’t stop supporting the 3DS in 2017, and there’s no reason to do something like this when they could use that time to improve the system people actually care about.

    1. They do it in a futile effort to prevent homebrewing and installing CFW, which in turn can lead to piracy. Not saying I support either party, just suggesting why.

      1. Yea… they should just accept the fact that people will find a way no matter what… like when the Switch came out: Nintendo: Ha! We finally figured out the perfect protection! Yes!/Hackers: Hmmm… a certain shaped piece of plastic on the right joy con rail and some programs should do it!

    2. Some people find a way to get free E-shop codes by using homebrew in order to buy games for it and Nintendo trying to prevent that to happen like people play the early game before the release and they got in trouble by Nintendo because of it. Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Moon and finally Smash Bros Ultimate been there and they uploaded to there channels until they receive a warning from Nintendo and got there channel taken down even so some stuff has not been revealed by Nintendo yet. Yeah. most people fear that it will happen again in Sword and Shield this year.

      1. The problem is that since Nintendo’s fanbase is so dedicated, that means a lot more people are making software/ programs to help you do just that. I think that mods and homebrew are cool, but piracy is awful and nobody should do it.

    3. I believe they have better data to make such choices. For example these updates help prevent theft of games, protect security for users online. These fixes are worth it for Nintendo because it secures the way they get money, and protects users. Btw while i have over 40 games for the switch. I still buy and play games for 3DS. And many players have not gotten a switch. This also probably took a team of three people all of a week make make this update.
      Not to mention that staff probably has nothing to do with making of new games, but it most likely part of a general security software team that focuses on all games, systems, servers, and online services.

  2. I think the 3DS finally has reached Autonomous Ultra Stability or Ultra Stability.

  3. I’m fine with the stability but, I think Nintendo might announced a few Nintendo 3DS games and remakes until they stop supporting the system. Nintendo 3DS was a awesome console and it sell very well. PS Vita didn’t get that much sales during its recent years.

  4. Rather than make stupid hackneyed stability puns, the word is that this update breaks nothing,

    So it’s okay for CFW user to update their system.

    As for Nintendo, if they’re still going to release these updates, then they had better start localizing some 3rd-party Japanese-exclusive games (preferably those developed by Bandai Namco), since they’re done with their first-party library.

  5. I still can’t play my 3DS on Wi-Fi at my house because I refused to leave my Wi-Fi open ended just to play the 3DS. How about an update that lets us use WEP for WPS?

  6. Ok I mean not hating on the update but why do they keep the mini verse icon if we can no longer use it?

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