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Pokémon Sleep, A New App That “Tracks A User’s Time Sleeping & Brings A Gameplay Experience Unlike Any Other”, Is Coming In 2020

Another Pokemon app is on the way. Pokemon Sleep has been announced for a 2020 release. The game “tracks a user’s time sleeping and brings a gameplay experience unlike any other”, allowing you to train Pokemon in your sleep. The Pokemon Company confirmed the news in tonight’s press conference, and you can see the official tweet down below.


  1. Man, I don’t get enough sleep as it is, let alone gaming in my actual sleep.
    Cool though!

    1. I personally can’t wait for Pokemon Shit.
      Monitor your turds, by weight, composition, and time spent on the toilet to determine the stats of your pokemon eggs.

      1. And Pokemon Odors, where the the aroma will help you find each type of Pokemon. Grimer and Muk can be detected mainly in sewers XD

  2. What is this “Sleep” that you speak of? I’m lucky to get a nap or two a day.

  3. Oh great an even more simplified App for the filthy casual mobile phone crowd for a franchise that’s already dying slowly but being kept alive only by the pathetic 30+ year olds that should know better and should just GET A LIFE AND NOT PLAY SOMETHING MEANT FOR KIDS!

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