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A New Mobile Game, Pokemon Masters, Is Coming Later This Year

The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Masters at tonight’s press conference. Pokemon Masters is “a new game that allows you to battle alongside your favorite Pokémon Trainers from the main series RPG”. Trainers from past Pokemon main series titles will appear in this spin-off mobile game. The official tweet can be seen down below.


  1. Well that whole press conference was a disappointment, especially Pokemon masters. This isn’t the straw that broke the camels back, this isn’t even the final nail in the coffin. Pokemon is already dead. I’m only getting Pokemon sword or Pokemon shield to help my brother catch em all.

    1. Hard to say it’ dead when it’s still selling in the millions of dollar range (being over 10 million in worldwide sales for let’s go). This franchise is nowhere near dead, right now it’s thriving.

      Honestly, if pokemon started dying, there would be enough of a slow down in sales that they would be able to re-examine things and try to reinvent the series so that it’s fresh again…which hopefully starts to happens since I’m starting to find it stale.

    2. Dying? Do you see its sales? Have you seen the revenue for Pokemon Go? Stop exaggerating and look at the facts: it’s not dead; it’s still popular and has a very famous and influential brand worldwide. Remember when Pokemon Go first blew up? The game was buggy af and it had the whole world’s phones in its hands.

      I’m looking forward to seeing more from Pokemon Masters. One of my favorite things about Pokemon games is its characters.

    3. Pokemon has been alive. Pokemon keeps living. Eventually it will die, but that day has not come yet, and won’t come for a long while if sales have anything to say about it.

      Money talks and if people keep buying, you’ll see a whole lot more of it.

  2. Why not make it a real game instead of just another shitty mobile app? It’s just basically just the Pokemon equivalent of FF Record Keeper.

    It feels like we’ll never see another console spinoff Pokemon title again.

        1. I miss when the term troll meant something & wasn’t misused by some of the more left wing media (and the sheep that follow suit & also misuse it) to refer to anyone with criticisms or just a general dislike toward something. Sadly, we know troll isn’t the only term being misused today to silence those with a less favorable opinion as we got racist, misogynist, & manbaby also being misused to fit some agenda now instead of being used against ACTUAL racists, misogynists, & manbabies. Welcome to the Era of Attacking Fans That Don’t Adhere to the Hive Mind! :/

          1. It still means saying or doing something just for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of people, people like this just don’t know what they’re talking about.

    1. You’re dismissing a game based off teaser that didn’t even show anything in regards to how the game works, plays, its features, etc. Come on; now you’re just being an entitled, spoiled gamer.

  3. I would rather this be a one time purchase than be free with microtransactions. I think I would maybe enjoy it that way

  4. This would’ve been awesome if it was on the Nintendo Switch, but the fact that this will most likely be a gacha is very disappointing. It actually makes me furious.

          1. That can’t come soon enough. I thought Pokemon had enough “respect” for its consumers to not stoop this low but man I was so wrong.

              1. Ugh… something needs to be done about Japan and its problem with gambling addiction. Stuff like this is what kills any enthusiasm I may have in a series, and seeing more and more Nintendo properties follow this trend is worrying. I used to think they held a certain principal of quality control and not taking advantage of their customers, but lately they’re slowly becoming more like the companies who have a bad reputation, perhaps even worse.

      1. Ah, the good old times when you could trust your phone to work, and not shatter in to million pieces when dropped.

    1. Poke snap 2 would be amazing, but the sort of did a thing like that in Pokemon Go with the camera feature. I know what you mean though.

    1. Are you from the future?

      Give the game a chance to show what it can do and how it plays at least.

  5. Well, I suppose with the … information provided it seems cool? I mean, I know absolutely nothing about it, but I am not sure that it will be a smash hit from the sound of it. I mean, I haven’t played Pokemon GO since 2 months after it came out. The game became a repetitive boring game, and I hate to say that most mobile games follow the exact same path. All of Nintendo’s mobile games, despite doing well in terms of revenue, do not capture my interests anymore.

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