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Pokémon HOME, A Cloud Service That Will Work With Nintendo Switch, iOS & Android Devices, Is Coming In Early 2020

Do you have a lot of Pokemon collected on your mobile device, 3DS and/or Nintendo Switch? Well, The Pokemon Company is about to enable you to store all of those Pokemon in one place. Pokemon Home, a cloud service that will work with your mobile devices, 3DS and even the Nintendo Switch, has been announced. Not only are you able to store your Pokemon here, but Pokemon Home “also allows players to meet other trainers and trade Pokemon between all different services and games”.  Pokemon Home will be coming in early 2020. Two tweets, including the official announcement, can be seen down below.


  1. well if you look at the image no,

    the arrows are all pointing towards the pokemon home logo, only sword & shield have arrows in both directions.
    Might say ‘m reading to much into this, BUT it’s just like how like pokemon bank works. you can only transfer to the newest proper game, So it’s likely to be a case that when you transfer from pokemon bank, let’s go, or go that you can’t get them back.

  2. Is this gonna be for free to those of us with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription or what? Maybe the Pokemon Direct coming up will give us more details regarding Pokemon HOME.

    In any case, looks like PokeBank will be dead soon & will be replaced by PokeHome instead. I hope it’s a vast improvement over PokeBank because PB is pretty barebone.

  3. The moment I read ‘Nintendo Home’, I instantly assumed a ‘Playstation Home’ type game. Now that what be something, especially given Nintendo’s huge list of IP. Another one for my ever growing dream bank.

  4. How is this different than Pokemon Bank? What’s happening to that app? Is this free?

  5. I wish there was a way to solve an issue I experience with Pokemon. The problem transfering them to Pokemon Bankx start the game over then after reaching the 1st Pokemon Center can bring them back to the game. The problem with that is why not have the levels on the game matching up to the levels of the Pokemon that were raised. Like Level 70 with gym challenges at the 1st gym.

  6. So, you can transfer all your 3DS Pokemon, yet fanboys continue to insist that Switch is NOT the 3DS’s successor? What does Nintendo have to do literally say the Switch is the next 3DS? It doesn’t take a person with a 200 IQ to see all the stuff going on that says yeah, Switch is the 3DS’s successor! Not only is Pokemon moving to Switch, you can transfer your 3DS Pokemon to Switch! Come on fanboys, admit it already, Switch IS the 3DS’s successor!

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