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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is “A More Traditional Free-Flowing Approach To Exploration”

If you’re a fan of Luigi’s Mansion 3, then you have probably been wondering what the game’s formula would be. Would it have the mission-structure of Dark Moon, or the adventure, free-roaming exploration of the original? Well, Kotaku got the answer to this question by speaking with the game’s developers at an embargoed Nintendo event on Sunday.

According to Kotaku, “Dark Moon’s mission structure, which required players to start the same level multiple times to pursue various objectives, has been replaced with a more traditional free-flowing approach to exploration”. So, while there are some elements of Dark Moon that have been carried over, such as the Dark Light and controls, you do not have to deal with missions.



  1. Ohhhhhh Grunty is going to love this, no more missions then I wont have a fit. I only played the 2nd game. So obviously the 3rd one wont be lame.
    So they decided to make the trilogy like the 1st one more the same. Listening to the fans then no one is to blame.

    1. It was confirmed that there would be “a few dozen” portrait ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3 during the Nintendo Treehouse segment! I love how they are actually listening to feedback and making this game the best game it could be!

  2. Good, because the mission-based structure Dark Moon had kind of ruined the exploration factor. Too often you’d open up a new wing of a mansion and suddenly E Gadd would call and pull you back. Got old fast by the time I was done with the second mansion (Haunted Towers).

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