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Oninaki Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch In Western Regions On August 22nd

Remember Oninaki? The game was announced for a western release on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, the same day of the February Nintendo Direct. Well, Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory have announced the game’s release date. It is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on August 22nd. The E3 2019 trailer is down below.

7 thoughts on “Oninaki Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch In Western Regions On August 22nd”

  1. I know it’s big time of topic, but I’m still so incredible angry over what happened to Shenmue 3 I really can’t enjoy all this awesome game reveals.

      1. But what exactly is so bad about it that it kind of seems to ruin the game for some people? Don’t really use steam. Just curious. Is it because EGS lacks some features (at least as of now) steam has or what?

    1. ah I see. How the hell can any store ruin its reputation so fast? Pretty much everythig I read about the Epic Store is just completely ruining it. EA might be taking notes.

      Glad I backe dit for PS4, although that game’s history with Sony backing it is just as infamous. And in the end as I said, that game looks really awkward. Workd perfectly fine on the DC, but feels to me like it didn#t even try to make the jump into the new generation at all. Which can also be a great thing, but Shenmue used to be a game that sets the standard of what’s possible and now it’s … aaw what the hell, it’s all gonna be ok.

      1. It’s a tough pill to swallow. I’ve been thinking on exactly what you’ve said about setting the standards. The reason why people still talk about Shenmue to this day is because of the fan base. And now they’re stabbing the fans… Shenmue of all games should be a love letter, not this tragedy.

        I’ll not be playing it on Epic. It’s going to be okey, but right now it’s hard not being pissed af.

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