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Ubisoft: We Are Happy To Have Last Game On Wii

During this month’s E3 conference in Los Angeles Ubisoft revealed that they are bringing the latest Just Dance game, Just Dance 2020, to the discontinued Wii system. The Wii was replaced by the Wii U and then the Nintendo Switch in 2017. Talking to The Telegraph, Ubisoft EMEA executive director Alain Corre, said that they are happy to be “the last soldier standing.”

Talking of Just Dance 2020, you announced a version would be released on Nintendo’s long discontinued Wii console. Are you the last people still coding for it?

“I think we are the last soldier standing! We are the last game on the Wii and we are happy about that as there still a lot of fans wanting to play on it. Now we see they are going to the Switch and at the end of the year that Just Dance 2020 will be one of the best games on the Switch because there are more and more families playing on it, as it was in the Wii times.”


3 thoughts on “Ubisoft: We Are Happy To Have Last Game On Wii”

  1. Well there not lying I hear schools, hospitals, and retirement homes have invested in wiis just to get dance, or wii sports or wii sports resort it’s good exercise

  2. How can anyone actually WANT Just Dance? I use this series as an example of crappy games that’s fun to bash. I always use it as examples in personal home videos. Even the females in my family never cared about dancing.

    But aside from all of that, I was originally going to post this……..
    This just goes to show that no console ever really HAS TO die. The companies just LET THEM die. Heck, even the NES and SNES could still be alive and well if companies continued making games (and a few new indie companies actually have made new games).

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