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Game Freak talks briefly about Dynamaxing in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Kotaku has had the opportunity to chat with Pokemon Sword & Shield director Shigeru Ohmori about the forthcoming Nintendo Switch title.

One of the subjects which came up is Dynamax which allows your Pokemon to become giant powerful versions of themselves along with additional move sets.

Mr. Ohmori says that he expects this feature will allow the various Pokemon to shine in battle situations.

“We’re very cognizant of not betraying the expectations of long term fans,” Shigeru Ohmori, the director of Pokémon Sword and Shield, told Kotaku. “We view it as a way to get every Pokémon to shine in battle. Even if they weren’t as viable in the past, this is their time to shine, and we’re balancing the battle system around that.”


16 thoughts on “Game Freak talks briefly about Dynamaxing in Pokemon Sword & Shield”

    1. Likely the same equation with Z moves, whom ever has the better stats prior regarding speed, coverage, offensive stats and so on as well as general viability would be coming into play among similar pokemon of the same typing or role.

      1. indeed but at least with Z moves, as much as I dislike them as a concept, it improved the niches that some pokemon held by allowing them to get past some that previously walled them etc and it made one legitimately ask which Z move they wanted to use… but with dynamax it isn’t just improving one move… it’s improving the entirety of the pokemon in question so it becomes a legitimate question of does one need to use more niche pokemon that could otherwise provide helpful coverage, like I doubt that Azumarill will be needing help against Skarmory if it can surprise it by Dynamaxing which reduces the value of bringing in someone like Heatran or Zapdos to fight it(not that those pokemon would be less viable in S&S, if anything they’re going to be better than ever if they make it

  1. Jeremy Bird-Fremont

    The source doesn’t mention this at all…
    Also in what it does link to they say they were amazed by dynamax strategy after losing to dynamax drednaw with yamper even after changin weather to make it wet so their eletric moves would deal more damage, which just sounds like they made it rainy and screwed themselve’s over

      1. I think there was a water move that caused electric attacks to be stronger than usual. Of course, it’d be nice if they made it to where a move like that wasn’t necessary anymore as all you need to do is get into a fight while it’s raining to get that bonus. Maybe S&S is finally doing that after years of not doing it while the Pokemon anime always had this be the case. (It’s how Ash’s Pikachu beat Brock’s Onix in the early days of the anime if I remember correctly.)

        1. Some Pokemon don’t need to be discontinued with Mega Evolutions. This already happened to Mawile, Sableye, and Audino.

        1. Shuckle’s main gimmick is having the HIGHEST defense of any known Pokemon. Very unlikely that it’ll ever evolve.

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