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Accolades trailer unveiled for Super Mario Maker 2

As another way to showcase Super Mario Maker 2, a new promo has been released to highlight some of the positive things critics have been saying about the recently-released sequel. Praises were extracted from favorable reviews, describing the game as “the complete package of play, create and discover” and “absolutely fantastic.” You can view more by watching the official accolades trailer in the embedded video below:

2 thoughts on “Accolades trailer unveiled for Super Mario Maker 2”

  1. I like the endless for the leaderboard, but I think 100 mario was more fun to play and watch.

    My ideal patches:
    – Mario 2 expansion
    – all Koopalings added
    – bring back 100 mario challenge (or maybe select number of lives at start up to 100? and have restrictions like no-skip or filters like unchecking certain tags)
    – add some always KO on touch blocks to 3D world like spikes or munchers (3D world only has 2×2 spike blocks on a timer or switch, no always on 1×1 kill on contact blocks)
    – Amiibo costumes, and some amiibo enemies too: bokoblin goomba skin, Lizalfos koopa skin? (drops boomerang instead of shell; does the same thing as a shell), maybe guardian as a new boss?

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