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Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz remake announced for Switch coming west 29th October


The lid has been lifted on the new Super Monkey Ball project and it turns out it is a remake of Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz. It has only been announced for Japan, but presumably it will eventually make its way to the west. The Wii remake will arrive in Japan on 31st October.

Thanks to The Man of Brisk and Brandon Rogers for the news tip!

9 thoughts on “Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz remake announced for Switch coming west 29th October”

  1. Not a remake. REMASTER. The game isn’t being rebuilt from the ground up. The polygon count on the characters even seems to be the same from the Wii Version.

    1. But don’t we already have Super Mario Bros. On the Switch? Just kidding, but it probably has something to do with the game having motion controls already programmed in to it. And it’s probably easier to Port a Wii game then completely remake a GameCube game.

      1. lol. It’s probably not motion controls though, since it’s coming to other platforms as well. And the wii is basically just an overclocked gamecube, so I doubt it’s really much different. I don’t know. Maybe they have other reasons, and hopefully it’s not because they’re oblivious to what Monkey Ball fans actually like. I have a small amount of hope that they’ll somehow improve the game and make it worth getting.

    2. Uhh, looks like it will be coming to the west, sooner than it does in Japan even since it’s shown to have a release of 10-29 and the ESRB rated it (why it suddenly got bumped up to E+10 I have no idea, but I stopped taking them seriously after they almost gave Rayman DS a T rating years ago).

    3. Can someone please tell them to bring back Sonic Adventure 2? That game was so much fun, I never caught the flew. I played all day with gum with friends I had a few.

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