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Nintendo briefly talks same-sex marriages in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

We found out recently that players will be able to choose to have same-sex marriages in the forthcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Nintendo Switch system. Nintendo says they can’t go into details regarding what to expect as it would simply ruin the surprise for those who are looking forward to their inclusion, However, they say that they have prepared many options.

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, it is possible for the Protagonist to have same-sex relationships with certain characters. However, we cannot explain this topic in more detail as to not ruin the excitement of all users who are looking forward to it. [read: spoilers] Regarding character raising, we have prepared a lot of options, so please kindly anticipate it.


25 thoughts on “Nintendo briefly talks same-sex marriages in Fire Emblem: Three Houses”

    1. Because the +LGBTQABC123ApacheAttackHelicopter community would pitch a fit if Nintendo doesn’t mention same-sex marriages.

      1. Because some Woke idiots will criticize the game for not including it…

        Seeing as they’ve been criticized before, they are trying to avoid any form of complaints…. I guess

      2. This again. I don’t care how good or bad the writing in general is going to be, writing romance that needs to account for everyone marrying everyone is never going to be written well.
        Love isn’t too terribly hard to write, but you do need to fine tune two characters personalities to attract each other together in some way or another.
        In these modern Fire Emblem games it’s never going to be more than three brief conversations followed by one awkward confession of love soon after because they are all too far consumed with pleasing every fan who wants Fire Emblem to just be a dating simulator.
        To add to this, now a handful of characters will just turn suddenly bisexual during an S-rank convo just to give the illusion of homosexuality in this game world (I’m sure there will be like one actual gay character, maybe two for both genders, the rest will be conveniently bisexual).

        I’m not an advocate for progression for progression’s sake in media, which this is totally what this is. But putting that aside, I have to deal with yet another game where any sense of romance between characters is flushed down the toilet because everyone needs to be able to marry everyone. And you’re not going to write good romance between everyone.

        1. Dude… there are only 8 characters that are bi out of like 50, and ONLY the player character can romance, other characters cannot romance with each other. So they’re not accounting for literally every character romancing, and they are not “forcing diversity” by making only 3 males bi.

          1. You’re missing the point. Also I never used the term forcing diversity so I don’t know why you put that in quotations.
            I highly doubt the player character will be the only character who will be able to S rank, it’s a stat raising mechanic in the game. The writing for S rank conversations are never developed or earned because they need to account for all the S rank options for each and every character.

            And no, I only brought up the bi topic because these characters will likely become bisexual for the final conversation exclusively. Were I someone looking for more gay representation in games, this one would be very poor indeed.
            If I’m wrong, and each character has a small selection of thought out supports and canonical relationships akin to the older games I will put my foot in my mouth.

          2. My original response didn’t send so I guess it’s up for review because I said a word or something?
            Anyways, I never used the word forced diversity, characters being homosexual or bisexual is not anywhere near the point I’m making.
            Awakening started this trend of every character needs to have like 10 romance options and they are poorly written as a result.
            I don’t know whether or not Byleth is the only character who can romance, but I highly doubt that considering S-rank is a stat boosting mechanic.

              1. Oh look, there’s all my responses now, I’m writing a book in this comment section aren’t I?
                But yeah, I think it hurts the character writing overall when you need to account for many multiple scenarios rather than develop a few key relationships, romantic or otherwise.

                    1. I wish it wouldn’t get triggered by any word. Except the N word (and words that have the same terrible meaning as it), of course. That word should not only trigger it but force the mod or admin checking it to scrub the word from the comment before allowing it to go through & post.

                    2. Two responses of mine now have been deleted, hmmm…
                      All I can say now is you’ve misunderstood my point. This has been an issue since Awakening, giving every character like seven to ten romance options leads to bad writing. It doesn’t matter what their orientation is.

                  1. Gotta love all the people acting like they’re so hard done by that queer characters get to exist in a video game.

                  2. As long as the story is good, I don’t mind.. The problem arises when it’s done for the sole purpose of diversity, inclusion, whatever & it gets in the way of making a good story. *cough*CaptainMarvel*cough*

                    1. Anyway, good call in deciding not to go into detail about the gay & bi characters. Could have just kept quiet about their inclusion altogether & just let people that buy the game find out for themselves that those characters exist in the game.

                  3. To people saying it’s the lgbtq+ community complaining. Itt more because Japan let’s you marry with ANY character. Here in America though, they have restricted it to certain ones since FE If

                    1. The people that do the most complaining about stuff like this tends to be the ones not part of the actual demographic. This is why the term “virtue signaling” is sometimes used. Not all (I hate using this term because it always triggers someone) SJWs are gay, black, etc. They probably make up a small fraction of the group with most of them being, ironically, white, straight males. While I think some of them do mean well, some are just assholes trying to make themselves look good to the others or they feel some kind of guilt because their family, friends, or people of their demographic has done some very shitty things to minorities in the US (or any country for that matter) either in the past or in the present.

                      I hate that “sins of the father” & “guilty by association” bullshit, honestly, No one should have to apologize, or suffer, for what another piece of shit did.

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